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Get ready to turn it up, that’s about all you really need to know before listening to Dusty Mush. If you like the group Fuzz, you’ll love Dusty Mush. Seems there is some serious kick ass garage music coming out of France these days. Great guitar work through out the album, love the reverb and the cool psychedelic noises thrown in just for fun. Good stuff, like I said , if you like anything Ty Segall does , you should stop what your doing , and give a listen to Dusty Mush.

Hi, our name is Dusty Mush and our sound might be best described as lo-fi garage fuzz or something like that.
We are Cédric Bottacchi (guitar/vocals), Maxime Saïd (drums) and Romain Duplessier (bass).
We are originally from Melun near Paris, France.
The first time we met was in 2003/2004 at school.
We knew we were going to be a band when Maxime bought a cheap drum kit and Cédric got a few shitty microphones.
Before starting the band we were employed as couch potatoes.
Our craziest gig ever was in Barcelona at Sidecar with The Future Primitives, people went apeshit, and Romain was bleeding on stage.
The first song we wrote was Macchabée. It’s about a guy asking to a corpse why he is dead.

What we are currently listening to:
Cédric: Nothing new in particular, we’re recording new stuff, I don’t want to be influenced.
Romain: Earth Slime by Catholic Spray, Bodegas EP by Thee Holy Ghosts and The Perfect Prescription by Spacemen 3.
Maxime: The Feeding Of The 5000 by Crass, Man Or Astroman?, Portishead…

A few albums we could never part with:
Cédric: Ramones by The Ramones, Off The Bone by The Cramps, Never Been Caught by The Mummies…
Romain: The Velvet Undergroud & Nico by The Velvet Underground, Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division, Songs the Lord Taught Us by The Cramps…
Maxime: Costello Music by The Fratellis, Inferno By Motörhead…

For fun we like to scream like animals for no reason.
The one thing we want you to remember while you’re listening to us is the energy.
Expect shows around Europe, a few compilations, and a new LP from us in 2014.

Dusty Mush, Tumblr

Dusty Mush, Facebook

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