Neil Nathan Inc. – I Ain’t No Company Man

Neil Nathan : photo by leah koss

Neil Nathan Inc. – I Ain't No Company Man from neil nathan on Vimeo.

Yesterday I was talking about how I feel we here at 50THIRDAND3rd are relevant. That’s a critical thing for me and the reason I now decide what I put up here on these pages. Neil is a friend of mine from NYC, he has something important to say here. You can tune out if you so desire but if you feel like getting engaged and moving against hate and bigotry and all around ignorance that seems to be the rage these day’s do it on the streets or do it through your art.Howard Zinn once said ‘you can’t be neutral on a moving train’ and Lou Reed wrote often against the bullshit. Music has a place in our political discourse you just need to decide if you want to join that conversation.

Neil Nathan Inc. – I Ain’t No Company Man

can’t hear you talking to me
cuz the din’s just too damn loud
all the people here in NYC
standing up and singing proud

i ain’t no company man
i ain’t no company man
i ain’t no company man
damn your master plan

i never was and i never will be
just a cog with my head in the sand
i never toiled for the lucky ones
i never strode on the backs of the damned

i ain’t no company man
i ain’t no company man
i ain’t no company man
damn your master plan

Huffington Post called Neil’s ‘Jumpstart,’ claymation music video “a bizarre good time.” It features President Obama’s twins (Hope and Change) drag racing Iranian President Ahmadinejad and Vladimir Putin.
The Vinyl District premiered his video for his scorching cover of Lou Reed’s ‘There Is No Time,’ saying, “Neil brings the rock on this one with a vitriolic lead vocal that lends itself well to Lou’s scathing socio-political critique.”
Now Neil Nathan Inc. closes his power to the people trilogy with a motion comic video for his all out freedom fighter anthem “I Ain’t No Company Man,” a fierce indictment of the massive influence corporations and big money have on the US government, perfectly embodied by President Trump.
“I Ain’t No Company Man” appears on Neil Nathan Inc.’s power to the people concept LP, ‘Sweep The Nation,’ which has earned critical praise as a “scintillating master work” and “crunchy hard rocking masterpiece” and scored features in Magnet Magazine and The Vinyl District.

Video Produced by Neil Nathan
Story by Vaj Potenza
Art by Dion Harris
Additional Art by Jean Goode
Song Produced by Neil Nathan & Riley McMahon
Recorded and Mixed by Riley McMahon @ New Warsaw Studio, Brooklyn
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian
Vocals Neil Nathan
Guitars Riley McMahon
Bass Pemberton Roach
Drums and Backing Vocals Robby Sinclair

Neil Nathan Inc.com

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