My Albums Of The Year , 2015 – Part 2


As I sit down for my 1st cup of morning coffee, I realize that I could have at least 30 favorite albums of 2015. These ten today , are all must haves for any music junkie. When we started 50thirdand3rd we did so out of our shared love for cool music. We never paid that much attention to what other sites are saying or what they are picking as their favorite albums of the year. I would guess that if you had a list from all of the contributors of our site, you would have at least 200 Albums to represent the best of 2015. I like what I like, no one tells me that I have to pick it, I’m not beholden to a Record Company or a boss that tells me how to think. My list is the list of a guy who enjoys listening to music, it’s what I do and all of these albums listed today, have been played repeatedly throughout the year in our house, and that is why these are my next 10 picks for my albums of the year 2105…..

Buddy Guy – Born To Play Guitar

The Minus Five – Dungeon Golds


The Connection – Labor Of Love

Mr. Airplane Man – The Lost Tapes

Various Artists
Back From the Grave Vol. 9 (Crypt Records)

The Routes – Skeletons

Twin Guns – The Last Picture Show

Datura4 – Demon Blues

Suzi Chunk and Groovy Uncle – Life’s A Gift

The Sonics – This is, The Sonics

Jane Lee Hooker – No B

* 2 of these albums came out in late 2014. Mr. Airplane Man and Jane Lee Hooker but seeing that I didn’t know about them till 2015, they are allowed to be on my best of 2015 list….

Back again soon, with one more round of my top picks for albums of 2015…. maybe


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