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This guy’s voice blows me away in his newly released AA single via In Black Records, “Bonnie & Clyde”. His ability to finger pick that guitar puts me in the mood to just sit back and listen to him croon those melodies over and over. Mark McGowan has this soulful retro sound that reminds you of Otis Redding or Sam Cooke. Such beauty in the writing and sound of his songs, I can’t wait to see more of what he will do. I caught up with Mark and tried to pick his brain on how he does what he does and what is next for him…

-Who is Mark McGowan

I’m a singer/songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland.

-How would you describe your sound?

I’m more into the song than any real sound but you could maybe say it’s soul songs, sung to a folk guitar.

Your voice is incredible. Did you always sound the way you do now singing, or has your voice changed with your music?

Thank you. I think I’ve just started writing to suit my voice better but over time I think I’ve developed it and got more confident as a singer.

-How do you write a song like “Bonnie & Clyde”? Does the music come first or the words?

They all come music first. I had the riff down and then got the words together. The story developed bit by bit, so I never really knew how it would end. It was exciting to write, I’m pretty chuffed with it.

-Have you always known you would be a songwriter/singer?

Its easier just me and the guitar, no one else and nothing else needed to perform. I like that, it’s a buzz to take a crowd on yourself and try n silence it!

-You play the acoustic guitar so well. Where and when did you learn?

Thank you very much. I’m self taught and been playing bout 10 years. I had to learn to play fingerstyle because I lost every plectrum I got my hands on ha.

-What kind of music do you listen to?

I love singer/songwriters, most notably over the years, artists like Fionn Regan who is an amazing fingerstyle guitarist. Also Damien Rice. Soul music has always been in my ears, my mum played Otis-Blue everywhere we went in the car when I was a wee guy and it’s still gettin spun on my phone constantly.

-What is the first album you ever bought?

I’m pretty sure it was Michael Jackson’s double album history. I’m still a massive fan, what a talent he was.

-What is next for you?

Another single or an EP will be next, there’s heaps of material to work through and Id like to think I’ll make something pretty special over the next year or two, the songs I’m writing just now are exciting. I’m out on a small tour just now and I’m gettin stronger the more live work I do. I’m desperate to get to the States though, I’ve always loved the idea of playing over there. I’ll hopefully catch you guys soon.

Currently on tour now, Mark McGowan is growing his fanbase and making some incredible waves in this music industry. I am sure he will be playing here soon because he is just too good to keep away! Keep up with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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