MUSIQUE FOR THE NOIR SOUL – DÉNUDÉS , ‘ Waste Of Fun EP ‘ , Track by Track

Track by Track is our series written by the Band , telling us something about their latest work.

This EP is unique in that it is an exercise in sarcasm and our feelings on indie labels and bands of the garage rock movement that’s been going on over recent years. Very much how Zappa made fun of the times we too can’t help ourselves. We encourage listeners to soak up the sunny good times on this limited Japanese EP because the veil comes off with the 80’s dark wave/deathrock LP already underway exposing the newest addition to our arsenal Chuck Loose. Mostly known for his work as the drummer for 90s pop punk outfit The Crumbs.



Kids love ice cream, I mean who doesn’t? Later in life that ice cream might be replaced with some bad habits by rotten children. It’s simplicity in lyrical content is both youthful and dead brained like most lyrics we hear in garage music.


Have you ever gotten high and lost in the hopeless romanticism of your teenage love? That painful break up followed by a hopeful new prospect relationship just beyond the horizon.


Do you know someone spoiled rotten? We do. The daddy’s girl who worries more about the intricacies of her lavish appearance but lacks any social depth or substance. A nod to those we know who are cattle to the prod. What a waste of fun.


That one person that has the audacity to play you like a fool but just can’t let you go. Our black heart won’t break for them but maybe our pacemaker will.


They’re so sweet but bitter. Things are going great with your new lover and you’ve never imagined how lucky you’d be to have found them but the duality of life and it’s inevitable change has you wishing you never met that person. You knew this would happen! Right?

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