Music For A Mixed Up World….Now We Know from Go Van Gogh


In a better world this LP “Now We Know” would be the 2013 Grammy winner for best every kind of thing (cause what category could they possibly put Go Van Gogh in).
But to paraphrase Dr Frank “I didn’t make him for the academy, I made him for YOU”.
Much like our live sets, where we play to get the crowd moving, this LP is for you. To make you drive faster on the freeway (not in town please), clean your house more joyously, bounce down the sidewalk with even more aplomb, or just bring a smile to your lovely face.
The mix is a bit more on the Latin tip this time around, but  we have not forgotten our Klezmer, Ska, Country Western, Surf, Balkan, Highlife, Rockin roots.  So load it in, crank it up, and invite over the neighbors, cause there’s  gonna be a party going on.

Listening to Go Van Gogh is like traveling the world in your ears, as the band plays an eclectic mix of genres. Their music                  is like a gateway… drug: Once you’re hooked on Go Van Gogh, you might dig deeper to search out their musical influences.  Go Van Gogh excel at bringing the party wherever they perform and have spent decades in the San Francisco music scene.         

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