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A few years ago I was looking for some new music to listen to and stumbled upon a band called Holy Ghost Tent Revival. I won’t get into a discussion about religion but I do believe in God and attend church on Sundays. With that said, I’m not a fan of Christian music. It’s not the subject matter that turns me off, it’s the blandness and occasional insincerity. As judgemental as it sounds, I thought Holy Ghost Tent Revival was one of those bands based on their name alone. I did, however, give them a chance and was proved wrong! Their music wasn’t church music and it was actually really good! Now that band has returned with a new album and a new name for themselves; Moves.

What drew me into Holy Ghost Tent Revival was their eclectic influences. Sometimes they had a folk vibe, other times they displayed some jazz elements. They were pretty much all over the map and sounded as if they enjoyed it. With their new album and rebranding, things are a bit more focused and it’s for the better. Everything interesting about Holy Ghost Tent Revival remains intact, but it’s obvious the band has fine-tuned their craft and really come into their own. So much so, the rebranding makes perfect sense.

The lead single, “Long Cold Nights” is the perfect representation of what Moves is all about. By replacing the folk with blue-eyed soul, Moves offers R&B arrangements no longer heard in mainstream pop. It’s the kind of soul that could make you want to dance one minute or cry your eyes out the next.

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Despite being influenced by vocal groups of the late 60s and early 70s, Moves never drags the listener on a nostalgia trip. My personal favorite track “Only Darkness” has the heart of The Band and Smokey Robinson but features the slick production of any track on Billboard. “Sleeping” has a slight British invasion flair making it another standout and example of Moves’ versatility.

With a new found focus and rebranding, Moves have teamed up with Soul Step Records to release their debut on limited edition vinyl. This isn’t much of a plot twist seeing as Soul Step has low key become the leader of modern indie R&B releases. Bumping shoulders with artists such as Brian Owens and Amythyst Kiah, Moves are in pretty good company too! Be it a rebirth, rebranding, or whatever you want to call it, the debut record from Moves delightfully lives up to its title.  

For more information on Moves, please visit thebandmoves.com

To purchase Moves on limited edition vinyl, please visit Soul Step Records

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