Mossbreaker – “Between The Noise and You” – Review

Growing up in the late 90s, I had exposure to various style of music. After all, it was the decade that proved ‘alternative’ wasn’t a genre, but a way of life. As the 90s came to a close, bands and fans alike stepped outside their comfort zone. Some bands flirted with the mainstream but for me, the most interesting were the bands who drifted into space. Unlike the fads on the 90s, space-rock never really went away but stayed just under the radar. Enter Between The Noise and You, the debut album from Mossbreaker.

Combining elements of grunge and industrial with soaring hooks, Mossbreaker has crafted a unique style of progression and comfort.

Generally, post-rock albums tend to rely upon droning chords and repetition. Mossbreaker breaks up the monotony with elements not usually found in the sub-genre, such as sing-along choruses and pop sensibility. With that said, the soundscapes found in Between The Noise and You are straight up satisfaction. Guitars are outfitted with other-worldly effects, the bass is tight and gritty, and the percussion will rattle the fillings in your teeth in all the right ways.

The top-notch musicianship is all brought together by spot on vocals. Of course, vocals are usually the last thing one thinks of when listening to a space-rock album. But on this album, it would be criminal not to compliment the vocal delivery in each and every song.

Between the Noise and You by Mossbreaker

Used almost as an instrument in of itself, the vocals are unexpectedly raw and passionate.

Something lacking in many of this genre’s albums.Part of that passion is likely due to the loss of singer/guitarist Gabe VanBenschoten’s father shortly before work started on the album. The kind of emotion that can only be expressed after such a dire loss. The way Mossbreaker utilizes these emotions is a testament to their artistry. It’s what makes Between The Noise and You such a special album and Mossbreaker one of the most promising bands in the resurgence of space-rock.

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