Moody Psychedelic Post-Riot Grrl Noise From San Diego, CA. Meet, Soft Lions


I’ve spent all day watching our new puppy listening to Burger Radio and Little Stevens Underground Radio. The message from both is simple. If your not having fun, it’s not going to be fun. If the music doesn’t move you to shake, if you don’t find yourself playing air guitar or drumming with imaginary sticks , what’s the point. Soft Lions does all of these things for me, the vocals are very cool, keeps you waiting for the next song. Great beats that keep you listening and hoping you haven’t reached the end but then realizing you can always play it again. Give a listen, buy the EP, tell your friends. Let’s Meet….Soft Lions

Hi our name is….
Soft Lions

And our sound might be best described as….

moody garage rock with an experimental edge. Girls who wanna have fun but also be radically honest about sex, love, and existential angst. Girls who paint their nails black and want everyone to get out of their room.

We are…
Megan, Lex, and Jon

We are originally from…..
We formed in San Diego. I grew up here, Jon is from Portland, OR, and Lex is from Portland, ME.

The first time we met was…..

The first time we were all together was the first time we played together in the practice room. We all kinda knew each other from being in other bands around town but we had never been all together until we started this band. I had a handful of songs that I thought might be good if I could get other musicians to help me, and I’m so happy Jon and Lex both said yes!

We knew we were going to be a Band when……..

we decompressed after our first jam session, which was a little rough, by talking about our cats and how much we hate being in the sun. We also had a conversation about how a lot of bands get caught up in partying and the so-called rock and roll lifestyle while we prefer to take care of ourselves (partying in moderation) so we can focus on the music.

The first song we wrote was…….

“No Peace”.

It’s about……
when you love someone and it’s never going to work out. It’s both of your faults but you keep trying to be together anyway, because of the familiarity in the way you fight and because of the sex. And then one day even the moments when you should be able to hold on to some kind of peace and love together don’t last, they don’t bring you any peace, but you try again anyway. It doesn’t really resolve.

What we are currently listening to….

I’m really into bands like Warpaint and La Luz. Lex loves Sleigh Bells and Depeche Mode. Jon’s a fan of Mikal Cronin and some old school Rolling Stones.

For fun we like to…..

have pizza parties with Jon’s awesome wife Kristen! Jon and Lex are also visual artists. Lex paints and takes photographs and makes rad crafts. Jon builds furniture, amplifiers, instruments, you name it. We got Lex’s Wurlitzer on Craigslist for $60 in rough shape, and Jon completely overhauled it so now it actually works, which is totally amazing. I like to practice yoga and I’m learning how to do reiki energy work.

The one thing we want you to remember while you’re listening to us……
is the way it makes you feel.

more music

From us in 2014. We just recorded a few new songs and there are more on the way!

Soft Lions

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