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Monster Magnet Dopes to Infinity sleeve

It’s almost Christmas! Nothing quite hits the spot as a yuletide soundtrack like a nice, big chunk of mid-‘90s stoner rock – that’s just a fact. And of course, nobody did mid-‘90s stoner rock anywhere near as well as the mighty, Monster Magnet. Here’s Dave Wyndorf and his ‘shroom-guzzling gang with the very festive, Dead Christmas.

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Okay, so beyond the title, the only relation the song has to Christmas is in the lyric, “I said fuck you on Christmas”, so it’s not exactly bursting with good cheer. We’re not dealing with Nat King Cole here and there are no sleigh bells on it, but it’s a great song with a name that definitely qualifies it as seasonal.

Dead Christmas appeared on Monster Magnet’s classic 1995 album Dopes To Infinity, providing a gentler, retro, Hammond organ-infused, more low-key, psychedelic counterpoint to the spaced-out, molten metal, turbo-grunge that makes up most of the LP.

Lyrically, it seems to be about a breakup, if anything at all:

Sometimes my soul just moves so slow
Like a dream of diesel heart that just won’t go
There’s a light that used to shine
I breathed it all the time
Now I wait on the edge of Mars
But it just don’t show

If Dave’s upset about it, he ain’t showing it. He particularly relishes the coda with a typically strong vocal performance:

I’ll see you around, baby
I’ll see you around, baby

He’s moving on, and he’s returning all your Christmas presents for store credit, baby!

Monster Magnet are touring Europe in early 2019 on their Mindfucker tour. They warn:

“A Monster Magnet show is a face melting celebration of electric madness made all the better and fuelled to peak intensity by the attendance of excitable human beings.”

So if you’re in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Hungary, Croatia or the UK in January or February, why not ask Santa for some tickets and ensure yourself a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

Monster Magnet Mindfucker sleeve


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