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Today we bring you, Their Only Dreams, from LA. What I enjoy most about where this band is coming from, is that they approach everything from an artists perspective. You can see evidence in that all through the answers as well as the music. The tunes are powerful psych infused beats , paying homage to just about anything you could imagine. Smart, well crafted, made and put together by someone who loves what he is working on and takes a lot of pride in representing his artistic vision. The energy coming from Their Only Dreams is incredible , the touch of glam is very cool. I think if Andy Warhol was still around he would be diggin these tunes. Please take time out of your busy lives and give them a listen….

“In the name of the Great God Pan” we about to tear the roof off this moroccan fucker- david lyudmirsky

Hi our name is….

“Their Only Dreams”

People say we sound like…..

Top Shelf Mutant Radioshacktive Freakgaze Funk Potency through the Realms”
Power Psych / World Cauldron Pop / Rejected Goth / Messianic industrial Complex / Space Punk / Ghost of Rock & Roll by the Code of the Delta……blues

Mutant garage psych outsider futuristic rebel mod psych pop disco minimal synth a analogue electric

We are…

David Lyudmirsky

Dwayne Seagraves

Jae Starbuck

We are from…….

“Los Angeles”

Who are some that have an influence on you

We have all gone through the years of being prone to influence of those we looked up to musically, artistically, etc..

not to say that we still aren’t influenced because i believe we are constantly being influenced and influencing others that we surround ourselves with in life and in our heads. But, at the moment our eyes are on the ball and we are playing the game. And we want to win.

How old were all of you when you started to play and who plays what in the band

Music has been a part of our lives since we were little lads.

David Lyudmirsky – Vocals & Guitar /////// Jae Starbuck- Bass & vox harmonies /////// Dwayne Seagraves – Drumkit

Can you tell us about the process you use, from writing the songs all the way through getting the songs out

I (David) write and record the first version of all the songs, the collection of songs found at our sites with links below. I am a multi-instrumentalist and began Their Only Dreams as a 1 man band home recording project / 1 man live band about 5 years ago. But, the point was to eventually attract the right musicians to work with. It took about 5 years…I feel like finally having a great band after 5 years going at it alone is a real reward/gift and i can do nothing else but honor it and respect this coming together of musicians. And put all the right type of energy into it, so it can be the gift that keeps on giving. We are about to play our 3rd show and have started rerecording highlights from the song collections, we are currently on doing overdubs of the best 3 to present to the World. As a band Dwayne and Starbuck add a great deal to the dynamics of the songs ,the energy, and the life of it. I try not to think about a life without them playing music with me.It’s hard for me to be the judge of all this music. I am my own greatest fan and I am happy with what i bring to the table and I love the results of the band working together to make the 1st versions even better.

I like having all this content parallel to each other. Working alone on writing and recording is vital to me as an artist and so is having a band to work with on these songs I come up with. This is the situation i have been dreaming about since the end of my last band. The stuff i will continue to record and have recorded exists as art to me and what we are doing as a band together and democratically with what someone would call ideas or demos or preferably top me “alternate versions” is a goal i have been working towards. the ideas start with words, sometimes they come out with words and music together, half of the time they are recorded as they are coming out, and the other half of the time they are sculpted over time. I like putting things right up to share on the Internet as soon as they are available. i have found it helpful to constantly be sharing output and playing shows even if you have to do it alone as i did mostly by choice, to wait until the right people came along.It’s keeping the dream alive, surviving as an artist( not monetarily…in spirit) It’s great to be buzzing at some level all the time and to be active. The goal is to have all the music , every version available in physical formats alongside streaming and name your own price downloads at the moment, subject to change to “for sale”once everything is available in physical formats. . Thus, Their Only Dreams the band is a true product of art and will only be available for sale. I would also like to add that so far a 7” has been released and soon to be released through a great little label all 4 albums in a special Cassette Book Collection. At the moment all music available online is name your own price download as a way to get it to as many people willing to give it a chance and become fans that will support us through buying the physical releases.

what are some of the challenges you face as musicians and how have you overcome those challenges

Being an artist/musician in Los Angeles is a challenge in itself. If you aren’t part of a thriving music scene which supports and promotes it’s initiates, born into the industry, publicly proclaimed wunderkind critic’s darling, then it’s all the rat race you can imagine. It’s a daily full time 24/7 job to keep any sort of momentum going here. You have to be proactive. If you are not backed by money , then you are your own everything here, manager, agent, producer,promoter etc…But, that’s also a GREAT thing, because that’s just the test to see how serious you are about all this. I have been at this mostly DIY level since my first show here, with my first real band back in 2001. But, i think that just makes you more of a legitimate underground sort of artist and teaches you a set of skills that a person that was just picked up and hyped and then dropped doesn’t have. They never make it. Thick Los Angeles Lizard Skin. It’s definitely been a slow and steady accent but at least it always upwards.

If you could pick any time to travel back to for music, where would you go and what year would it ….

I wouldn’t go back in time anywhere, I think what Their Only Dreams has going on is a great example of working with the past, the present ,and an imaginative and original future

Who are all of you currently listening to ….

Ariel Pink, Foxygen, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mac Demarco, etc….

(ofcourse there is plenty more…)

If you could open for any Band right now who would that be and why?

Any of the above bands, for the reason being I believe that the fans of any of those bands would truly appreciate what we do as well and would become fans of ours.

My youngest son is 13 and in a Band, what advice would you offer him…

Learn To Communicate and Conduct yourself professionally with your band mates and with all venues of Music World in the real world and on the web.

From the clubs you play to the , the blog you want your music reviewed in, to the 1st fan you make.

you start out young and rebellious but that can only take you so far. You can’t do everything alone and you want to make yourself attractive for other people to be willing to work with you.

It’s a much different music climate than the one all the rock stars came from, that is over and in my opinion just take the inspiration of music and art from there. more than ever the artist, musician, songwriter, band, is essentially a start up company. It’s a business mixed with allot of passion. Learn to separate and balance the two. and always work on keeping them both strong. There is reward to have in all of it, from a good feeling in your soul creating and playing music , getting paid at a gig, having your songs released, or used somewhere etc…. “Don’t Be A Dick” “Make it Fun for yourself and other involved” “Don’t Try” develop your skills in playing and making art, make it so it always is as natural as can be. Practice Practice Practice.

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us….

Their Only Dreams= Your Only Dreams = Don’t Give Up

Our plans for 2015…..

As a band we want to finish the 3 songs we are recording and make sure we are all really happy and proud of the job we did taking the songs to another level and get that released or into the hands of someone that can take it to an even higher level with production and exposure. Continue to play and book better shows and grow our local fan base. Continue to be active with our presence on the web and make fans worldwide. Continue to work on getting everything that is Their Only Dreams released on all physical formats = Vinyl, Cassette, cd. Get some merch made and possibly a west coast tour / vacation i can bring my wife and kids along to. All the while having a good and enjoyable time doing it.

time for some music…..

Their Only
Their Only Dreams, Facebook
Their Only Dreams, Twitter


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