A Mixtape for You, From Our Friend…..Melissa Brooks


good times~~~ from beachgothmel on 8tracks Radio.

nightmusic – grimes

i put this song on when i feel like dancing.

sinus infection – the aquadolls

this one’s my favorite off our debut album.

sonic youth – my friend goo

this song makes me want to punch people in a good way, i love kim gordon’s bass tone and her sneering vocals.

sky ferreira – rancid girl

this song is a low-key jem. i love the raw passion in her voice in this song. she’s an amazing person.

foxygen – shuggie

i just love everything about this band.

wolf alice – bros

as soon as i heard this song i immediately wanted to learn how to play it on guitar. i love that riff at the beginning, easily becoming one of my favorite bands.

hole – malibu

this song makes me feel like i’m in a 90s teen movie.

diiv – follow

every song by diiv makes me want to swim in a deep blue ocean and reflect on my life, this track is one of my favorites of theirs. excited for their new record.

warpaint – disco/very

these girls are badass musicians. i love dancing to this song on full blast when my parents aren’t home.

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