Mix For A Movement – Black Lives Matter Compilation

I don’t even need to recap what’s been going on for the past week in the US. But for the sake of future reading, the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police ended up being the catalyst for a movement America needs in the worst way. Black people are tired of being murdered, communities are tired of being torn apart by civil unrest. Society is tired of police brutality, and the human race is tired of the violence. America is tired.

But make no mistake, as a writer I am not in the business to make this article about myself and my personal opinions. As a white dude, I will NOT use this article to speak for the oppressed. I want to stand aside and give those people their platform to say what they need to say. Say what they have right to say. At the same time, I want to use any platform in my arsenal to be an ally.

50Thirdand3rd isn’t a political publication and just because racism is a hot topic in the media doesn’t mean I’m about to jump on the trend wagon. This is a publication about sharing our love of music and what brings people together regardless of age, gender, or race. But Black Lives Matter defies politics. It’s about life and death and if I can use my platform to help in any way, I’m all for it. That’s the mindset behind MIX FOR A MOVEMENT compilation album.

Using her platform and voice, Deezy of Nashville’s Sad Baxter teamed up with some of her friends to drop this comp on Bandcamp for the cause. Not only does it feature music from incredible artists such as The By Gods, Anchor Thieves, Kettleflower, and Sad Baxter themselves, but it’s also about giving. 100% of the proceeds of MIX FOR A MOVEMENT go to Black Visions Collective. BVC is a non-profit organization developing ways to give the people of Minnesota a voice to stand up against injustice and oppression.

We all enjoy good music anyway, so while you give this comp a listen, you can feel good knowing your money is being put to good use. I can’t say I’ve ever been racially profiles or the victim of police brutality, but I am a human being. Regardless of your politics (or lack thereof), no human being shouldn’t turn a blind eye to police brutality and injustice. If you can’t protest in the streets but want to be an ally, speak out from any platform you can. Let the oppressed express. Stay in your lane and show your support by listening and learning.

I’m proud of Sad Baxter, Mike Percell, and every artist on this comp for coming together and doing what they can without making it about themselves. I encourage you to give MIX FOR A MOVEMENT a listen and kick a few bucks to the cause. It’s the right thing to do.

Listen to MIX FOR A MOVEMENT here. 

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