Minne-OH SNAP-olis

I’ve been in Minneapolis for a year and a half now. Within the past 5 months I have seen more live music than I have in quite a few years. Roky, The Sonics, seeing Flamin Groovies in May- to name a few. However, what is amazing out here is the mix of big name showstoppers coming through and the local bands that are extremely active and not ever a show to miss! Cozy, Real Numbers, Shakin’ Babies, Joust, Hot Rash, Teenage Moods. I can’t even keep up! Those are not even a dent in the Minneapolis local thrills! Not to mention they’re all super nice, real & fabulously talented- dontchaknow. I am sure-as-shit not trading my taylor ham for lutefisk, but this NY Doll is having a ball in the Midwest and I need to share the wealth!

Check them all out. Immediately. Educate and spread the word. Minneapolis is snappin!

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"She had her own future; she was alive with the lives of those beings who trot her decks; like that earth which had given her up to the sea, she had an intolerable load of regrets and hopes"

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