Mini-Review: Bright Light Social Hour’s Hypnotic Set at The Rex

On Wednesday, I was thrilled to see Galactic at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh’s Southside. I love this venue – it’s intimate and the sound is amazing. It’s a perfect spot for a great night of live music!

I was able to catch the last few songs of opener The Bright Light Social Hour. This group made me really, really grateful for my recent interest in jam bands. Their hypnotic sound kind of left you in a trance-like state. Even as I stepped into the venue and waited outside the door of the room listening while waiting for a friend, the dude scanning tickets kept being drawn to the door, saying to me, “I love this band – I keep wanting to move closer…”

Their sound is very dreamy, dancey, and loving, for lack of a better word. It makes you feel comforted, makes you feel like you are floating on air.

Also – every band member has amazing Pantene hair.

I have spent my morning listening to their album, “Space is Still the Place,” on Youtube. They are so worth a listen.

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