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I came across Wolfgirl by accident – a happy accident as it turns out. I can’t remember what I was scouring Bandcamp for, but from the second I clicked on Basorexia from the band’s self-titled 2012 release my ears were on alert. To me their sound is a mix of Smashing Pumpkins, L7 and maybe some early Girlschool. I love the fuzzed out grinding guitar sound and Kristin Honiotes lustful but powerful voice.
But there is something more you should know about Wolfgirl – the following is from the band’s bio:

Kristin is no stranger to the mystical underworld of Wolfgirl being the love child of the Queen of the Damned and teen wolf. The half-vampire/half-werewolf lead vocalist brings her unique sense of melody and style to Wolfgirl as well as her eye for bulging carotid arteries.
Kristin loves to laugh, enjoys reading, movies and type AB+ blood.

Drake comes to Wolfgirl after spending his youth training in the Shaolin temples of the East. After learning seven different styles of Kung Fu, the young master still felt unfulfilled. It wasn’t until he picked up his first instrument and applied his tiger claw/dancing crane to the guitar that he discovered the awesome power of melting faces.
Drake’s interests include late-night crime fighting and David Carradine.

Alejandro hails from the zombie-ridden territories of central London. Having survived 28 days after the initial outbreak, Alejandro has proven himself not only a formidable zombie foe, but a gut-busting slayer of bass. Alejandro enjoys arts, crafts and the double-tap.

LJ was chanced upon in the 80s by a team of explorers mapping the treacherous mountains of the north. Raised by a pack of timber wolves since infancy, it took researchers over two decades and many unfortunate “incidents” before it was discovered that a pair of drumsticks could transform this feral woman. After a long search, the half-animal/half-human found her place in civilization as the spine-shattering drummer for Wolfgirl.
LJ enjoys the theatre, long walks on the beach and the occasional road kill.

We caught up with guitarist Drake Emko to get the details:

Our sound might be best described as….

Hard hitting rock with sultry female vocals and tribal rhythms.

We are…..

Kristin Honiotes – Singer

Drake Emko – Guitarist

Alejandro Parra – Bassist

LJ Hachmeister – Drummer

We are originally from…..

We are from all over, but we all met in Denver. LJ moved here from Illinois, I moved here from Florida (I miss the warm winters, less so the bugs and snakes), Kristin is a Colorado native but a world traveller, and Alejandro emigrated from Venezuala – in fact he just passed his American citizenship test last month!

How we became a band…..

LJ and I have been playing together in various Wolfgirl lineups since 2008. We found Kristin through a mutual friend when we needed a new singer, and she has been breaking hearts and melting ears with us ever since. Alejandro is our latest addition. A multi-talented threat, he plays guitar in another local band, Two Fisted Tango, and liked our music enough to try out for bass when our previous bassist left. We made a unanimous decision to keep him after he rocked all our songs from memory on the first day!

The band members seem to have some supernatural origins – how does this play out on stage or in writing music?

Haha – well we’ve collectively survived zombie attacks, vampirism, supervillians, and being raised by wolves, so I think our life experiences have at least toughened us for hostile music critics and equipment malfunctions at gigs. Most of all, it’s hard to find outcasts and misfits who will understand you as well as this band, so we’re pretty tight with each other!

Tell us about the Denver scene…

The Denver scene is pretty great. The musicians here are overflowing with talent, creativity, and energy. It’s also a very self-supporting scene, meaning that everyone goes to each others’ shows, plays shows together, and borrow each others’ bandmates. As a band, the more you put yourself out there, the more you will be rewarded in this mile-high ecosystem.

Our musical influences are…

We have a wide spectrum musical influences. I cut my teeth on punk rock ever since middle school, from the dirty and dangerous Sex Pistols and Ramones, to more progressive punk such as Fugazi and Shellac. LJ practices her drums to tracks by Perfect Circle, Sevendust, and Travis Barker, but is also influenced by early classical flute training. Kristin runs a theater company and has always been influenced by show tunes, blues singers, and singer / songwriters. Alejandro listens to a wide variety of music, including progressive rock and punk, but between us, Phil Collins is his dark secret indulgence. Collectively, we agree that Tool totally rocks.

What we are currently listening to…

When I’m not compulsively watching cat videos, I’ve lately been digging riff-driven psychedelic rock, such as Dead Meadow and the Black Angels. The guitar tones these guys use are amazing. When not rocking out to Tool, Kristin has been listening to some quieter stuff like the Avett Brothers and The Civil Wars. LJ has been listening to music from different cultures to learn new rhythmic patterns and techniques, including Brazilian drumming. I believe that Alejandro is still celebrating Phil Collins’s entire catalog, including the Tarzan soundtrack.

For fun we like to…

LJ is a science fiction author (first book in her series: Triorion-Awakening-Book 1 ebook) and 2006 stick fighting world champion (true story!), so she literally and figuratively kicks a lot of butt in her free time.

Kristin sings – a lot! Karaoke, church, theater – as well as co-runs the Wit Theater company here in Denver. Alejandro rocks around the clock, playing in two gigging bands when he’s not proselytizing Apple products. I’m trying to organize an all-cat rave (inspired by the Meow Mix rave video: Meow Mix), but so far it seems pretty difficult to find a DJ who isn’t hooked on catnip.

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us…

Rock is the most important and unifying thing in the world, and we’re here to prove it. We are men, women, straight, gay, white, Latino, and Asian, but we are all one wolf pack. Our fans are our fellow Wolves, and we want to rock your face off.

Expect…………… From us in 2014

We plan to record some new songs that we wrote since our first album (available for free on Bandcamp), as well as continue to play gigs in Denver. We hope to make another video as well, hopefully before the year is over! Most of all we want to continue getting to know other bands and music fans in the Denver scene and keep the momentum going.

Thanks so much for having us for this interview! We are honored to have a place on 50thirdand3rd.com!

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