MEET: The Sun. The Moon.

The Sun. The Moon.

Can I just say I am very excited to introduce some new faces and some new music today here at 50thirdand3rd! Duo The Sun. The Moon. from Muscle Shoals, AL needs to be playing in your ears, getting in your head right now. These guys are just a breath of fresh air to me. The voice, the laid-back sound with lyrics that are intriguing and expressive. There is a perfect balance in the songs, and it all starts with The Sun. The Moon.

Lane Butler and Lukas Grigsby have been making music together for a few years now and have just finished recording Radiant, a seven track album loaded with songs that make you slow down and savor each note. Sounds similar to that of John Butler Trio, their music creating a sort of ambience, an acoustic space in my head. The duo recorded Radiant with Jimmy Nutt and Cody Simmons at The Nutthouse Recording Studio in Sheffield, AL.

Check out what they had to say about their music, their plans for 2016 and where they get their influence from… Also they talk about some songs and the meaning behind what they wrote.

Who is The sun. The moon?

The Sun. The Moon. Is an alt indie duo, consisting of Lane Butler and Lukas Grigsby.
A band that knows no limits when it comes to music. It is hard to exactly place our sound, because music is solely literature for emotions. You don’t always feel a certain way, and in that same way you can listen to each of our songs and catch a different emotion within them. Same goes in our writing process, it’s what we are truly feeling in the moment of its creation. We make sure that each song has a good message and something that could be helpful to someone while they are going through a certain emotion and have no outlet to channel that energy, or at least have something to relate to it. Then we come to the final product which gives us our own original sound, like you most likely have never experienced.

– Where did you get your name?

There’s not really much of a story of how it came about. We were taking steps to really grow in our music and knew we had to change the name from our prior name, “Yesterday’s Remnants” because we felt that it held some sort of negative connotation. We had noticed our sound had become much more atmospherical as it was
maturing. The first name that we thought of was The Sun. The Moon. and it stuck.

The Sun. The Moon.

– Describe your sound.

Our sound has many layers to it. We’re a duo that literally sounds and looks like there are many more people in it than just the two of us. Our sound can go from very simple to very complex. It’s very atmospheric, rhythmic, it can be light-hearted or haunting. It can be in your face or subtle. It’s stress relieving and healing. We find it a bit of a struggle to truly describe our sound because there isn’t just one sound coming from us.

– How did you get to this new album Radiant?

We went to Nashville to record a single of ours, “We March On”, with a guy named Chase Coy. He was once doing some things with Universal Republic Records and we listened to his music when we were younger so it was really cool to go record with him. He really taught us that you don’t have to structure a song: chorus, verse, chorus, verse, over. That was probably the best thing that could have clicked in our minds. From that moment on, our whole writing process was changed. The songs that followed up after that experience came from a new place that didn’t realize had existed before. We broke through a barrier in our minds with writing that we had not experienced before. Radiant is a small compilation of the first few songs we had written afterwards.

– You have nailed perfectly the indie alt folk sound in your music. Is that what you listen to?

There’s a wide variety of music that we listen to. You can find us listening to jazz, classic rock, folk, metal, indie music, ska, etc. We enjoy pretty much all music. We get inspiration from all genres.
The Sun. The Moon.

– Who influences your music?

Ben Howard, Local Natives, Kings of Leon, Owl and Penny, Half Moon Run, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, Cage The Elephant, Manchester Orchestra, Bon Iver, Nahko and Medicine for the People, The Milk Carton Kids, Alt-J, Portugal. The Man, Tiny Moving Parts, Hozier, and many more.

– If you could have anyone join you onstage, who would it be?

Ben Howard

– Plans for 2016?

Most of 2015 we spent perfecting our sound and performance. 2016 is going to be all about getting it to the people, the cloud people. We are going to spend almost all of this year booking shows and finding any opportunity possible to spread our musical medicine. We have hopes of releasing a brand new single soon, entitled “The Cloud People” for a free download, so you will have that to look forward to. In order to keep up with our string of live show, follow us on our social media accounts or go to our website

A couple of the meanings behind our songs:

A Change in the Weather:
A Change in the Weather is about seeing the light and opportunity in all the dark parts throughout your life. Often people tend to dwell on the past and when something that they loved about their life is taken away from them they sink into a depression. A Change in the Weather is a metaphor for treating times like these in life to be only temporary and that something that you may love even more could be right around the corner even though the road looks dark at the moment. The song is ultimately saying stay positive through dark times and don’t be afraid to take new chances in life.

One in the Same:
One in the Same is about understanding that humanity as whole are the same, or of the same kind. In the world we live in people focus too much attention to all of our differences and over look the fact that we all have the same genetic make up. Its saying that people all come from their own walks of life and you can not and will never completely understand what all they have lived through, so don’t be so quick to judge. Realize that despite your personal preferences, everyone is sharing the same world and that in itself is a beautiful thing.

Slow it Down:
Slow it Down is simply about taking a moment in the present to appreciate the people in your life and everything you have accomplished, big and small. When it seems like life has just passed you by, the song was written to comfort you. To show you not to be scared, but rather to be thankful that you were gifted life at all.

The Sun. The Moon.

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and keep up with them through their website! Radiant is now available to order through iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

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