Meet- The Red Cords


These guys are rockin some serious garage punk. If you like Ty Segall and his buddy Mikal Cronin , this is a band you don’t want to miss out on. Cool stuff to help get you through some cold winter days, guaranteed to get you moving…..

Can you give us a little of the bands background, bands that you’ve been in…..

M: Charlie and I have been in bands together since we were at school. Ry had never been in a band before we started The Red Cords.

R: Yeah I couldn’t play anything

How did the formation of your band come about ..

M: Ry was constantly discovering these great bands, so we kinda made him start playing because we wanted to be a band together. He’s my brother so he’s always been around Charlie and I when we were in other bands growing up.

R: It started with me and charlie joking about starting a really generic garage band with fezzes and red cord jackets but then we realised how dumb that would be.

What is your process like for writing?
M: Usually someone has an idea, whether that be just a guitar part or more of a roughly finished song. Then we’ll play it at practice and finish it together.

R: We used to do a lot more writing in the room when we started so we wanna do more of that again.

What song made you want to start a band?

M: It was probably something by Mikal Cronin or The Moonhearts, we were all listening to them quite a bit at the time. Probably ‘I hate myself’ by Moonhearts.

R: I think when i first listened to ‘free drugs’ by harlem. or ‘to the dregs’ by wavves maybe for a track, its hard to think of one song.

Can you tell us what albums you all listened to back when you were at home , high school days.

M: The first album I listened too a lot at school was Californication by ‘Red hot chilli Peppers’. Then a lot of Greenday and Nirvana.

R: Blink 182, jimmy eat world etc a lot of that era pop punk bands. but also a lot of AC/DC and Iron Maiden, and my friends dad used to play alot of ramones and sex pistols when i went over which was good.

What were some of your favorite Albums of 2015?

Freedom – Black Tambourines
Maximum growth and vigour – Hipshakes
Silent Kill – Radioactivity
High – Royal Headache
amERICa – Wreckless Eric
L.P.1 – Coneheads

How would you describe your sound and singing style.

M: Probably punk with some garage rock thrown in, pretty fast energetic songs that don’t last longer than a few minutes. Melodic vocal lines and a lot of group vocals especially in our more recent songs.

R: I wouldn’t say i have any kind of singing style i basically just do spoken word.

Any new bands we should be paying attention to

The Black Tambourines
The Hipshakes
The Coneheads
The Gnomes
Dick Diver
Meat Market

If you could hit a time machine button and end up in any music scene , what year would it be and more importantly where would you be.

M: 1977 would be a pretty great year, in either the US or the UK where a whole bunch of punk bands were at their best.

Plans for 2016……

M: Think about recording our first album. We have a bunch of songs that we’re going to record early in the new year, whilst they’re still fresh in our heads. That might end up being a 4th ep. We’re also heading out on a tour of the UK with our pals ‘Proto Idiot’ in January, to promote the release of ‘Vile Guy’.

R: for me personally, put more effort in.

The Red Cords:



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