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The Nightstealers play some cool psychedelic,Blues. British Invasion is running all through these tunes. This is for all the cool cats who dig on Shindig Bands. The Nightstealers are probably compared to Procol Harum.The vocals remind me of Alex Chilton listen close to Strange Land. But then again who knows, after all I am not a rock critic by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just playing what I like to listen to and if you like it, cool. Sometimes when your not playing Bands that people have heard of before, they kinda tune you out not willing to give a band they have never listened to before the chance to impress. The Nightstealers are worth your time, trust me. Give a listen….

Meet The Band

1,Hi our name is,The Nightstealers
2,Our sound might be best described as a kind of 60s garage Rock sound.
3,Our names are,Terry Hughes,Amjid Hassan,& Chex,
4,We are origionally from Solihull,UK
5,who are some that have an influence on your sound?,Well i guess,it would be a mixture of some of the classic 60s Rock bands,like The Who,The Yardbirds,The pretty things,etc,
6,The first time we met was,,?,Well first met Amjid Hassan our Drummer,at a band audition,and we got on well together,and i liked his style of drumming,so we did a gig together,the same night!.Chex our Bass player,is also a local guy,and we just kinda got together,after finding out we both liked the same kinda music and stuff,and we both liked retro stuff,like Shindig.
7,We new we were going to be a band,?,,Well,i guess we were all just on the same kinda wavelength,and been a band,was what brought us together.
8,Before starting the band,we were employed as,?,Well,I gotta be honest,i have never asked the other guys about what they do for a day job,lol,,I reckon they must be highwaymen,or somethin like that,lol,,as for me,(Terry),i have done loads of dumb jobs,the last one,was working on a chain gang!
9,Our craziest gig ever was,when a load of crazy polish people turned up at our gig,we couldnt understand what they were yelling at us,we didnt know if they liked us,or hated us!,lol,…man,they drunk the bar dry!,lol
10,The first song that was wrote as The Nightstealers,was FLY AWAY.
11,whats the song about?,,Fly Away was wrote while i was sat outside a guitar shop waiting for it to open,and it was one of them day’s,when i was feelin,,same ol town,same ol faces,wish i could Fly Away,,and those words kinda just started playing in my head,so i put pen to paper,and when the guitar shop opened,i had finished writing the song,on some scrap paper!.
12,What tunes are you currently jamming to?,,Its very varied,last stuff i was jamming with was Led Zep,and then The Byrds!,as i say totally different musical styles,but i like to be versatile.
13,What are some of the first songs that you were listning to that made you say thats what i want to do?,Well for me personally,it was when i saw a film of The Beatles playing Live at Shea stadium!,,that was my magic moment,when i saw Lennon belt out A Hard Days Night!,,and i thought those guys have got the right idea,thats what i wanna do!
14,When you are touring,and have some time off,where could we find you,?,,Well it would be hard to find me,(Terry) at all,as i become a bit of a recluse,and i like to hang out in woods and wild places,as i love chillin with nature.As for.Amjid,he is a family guy,so i guess he spends time with family,And Chex must be honest,i have no idea what he does.
15,The one thing we want you to remember,while you are listning to us,is,,We are not rich Rock stars,we are just ordinary guys playing for the love of it!,And make tea,not war!!

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