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A Paper Corner's first EP, "Humans"

Introducing Pensacola, FL’s dream pop indie rockers, A Paper Corner. Consisting of chief singer/songwriter/guitarist, Dylan Parkin and his brother, Elijah, along with a variety of friends and local musicians from the Pensacola music scene, the band released their astounding debut EP, “Humans,” this past August.

I originally heard about the band from a friend of mine, Dave Hanson (drummer of Slumberjack), who, knowing my love of all things noise, shoegaze, and dream pop, recommended I check out A Paper Corner’s debut EP. Upon first listening I was taken aback by just how well-developed these songs are and the variety of instruments on display. Each song takes it time to give the listener a focused sound that weaves through musical movements with layers of instrumentation that take you on an introspective journey.

I think what I love most about this collection of songs is the way it successfully synthesizes its influences into something that feels wholly original and honest. With elements of dream pop, acoustic singer/songwriter folk, and shoegaze, none of the songs fit neatly into any of those subgenres. Rather each track dips its toe tastefully into each without losing any sense of cohesion. This is well-crafted musical synthesis, along with being a lyrically soul-nourishing trip through love and loss.

In wanting to get a little more background on the creative forces behind such a stellar first release, I reached out to Dylan to ask a few questions as a part of our Meet The Band feature.

Who are the members of the band?

A Paper Corner is [a] solo musical project started by Dylan Parkin.

On my EP, Humans, I had my brother, Elijah Parkin, engineer and mix the entire record. This album was both my first solo project and my brothers first project being a sound engineer.

I had various musicians perform on the EP.  Elijah played either the drums or auxiliary percussion throughout the entire album. Slick Richard and the Sloppy Machine showcases Steve Pullin on the lead Guitar. See you Smile showcases Chase Fisher on bass/ synth, and Drew Dewaltney on lead guitar. Fall Asleep Showcases Dominic Sena of Mr. Hymn (Band) on Synth.

The EP was mastered by the Oven Recording Studio in Guadalajara.


Dylan Parkin

What can you tell us about your debut EP, “Humans?”

The album is a chronicle story of the events and feelings that go along with a relationship that did not work out. It starts with the excitement of meeting them through the plateau/ decline of a relationship, when things are bothering you. It progresses to express the feeling of longing for that person and wanting to make things work. To the final end to the relationship and the intensity of those moments.

Who are some of your influences?

Major influences: a multitude of music from the 60-90’s mostly Rock n Roll/ alternative music, The Arctic Moneys, Bon Iver, Broken Social Scene, D’Angelo Vanguard, Frank Ocean, Guided by Voices, Haim, James Blake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Kurt Vile, Lo Borges, Mister Hymn, Phoenix, Phil Elverum, Solange, Stephen Malkmus, Stereo Lab, Tame Impala, and Radiohead.

With the EP being titled, “Humans,” along with song titles like, “Fall Asleep,” or “See You Smile,” I get the impression of something intended to be very intimate and heartfelt. So that leads me to ask, where does the first track, titled, “Slick Richard and the Sloppy Machine,” fit into the aesthetic of the EP?

The album is a very intimate and personal album, and I still feel that Slick Richard and the Sloppy Machine is a very intimate song. There is a story behind the name.

First, Slick Richard and the Sloopy Machine  –  yes “Sloopy” –  was just a working title but overtime I fell in love with the idea of making a Slick Richard character that extends throughout multiple albums. I am currently working on another intimate song called Slick Richard and the Dream Disease.

I decided to keep the name Slick Richard and the Sloppy Machine mostly because I liked the Character, Slick Richard, and I thought I needed some aspect of my music to be more light hearted. Stephen Malkmus is a huge inspiration to me and I really appreciate his capacity to make deep thoughts come across whimsical.

Do you have a quarantine playlist, and if you do, what songs are on it, or what would be on it IF you had one?

My Quarantine playlist consist of:

-Pinegrove – Darkness

-Four Tet- Two Thousand and Seventeen

-Solange – Alameda

-Blondie – Heart of Glass

-Haim – The Wire

-Haim – Little of your Love

-The Arctic Monkeys – #1 Party Anthem

-EOB – Deep Days

-Peaceful, Easy Feeling – The Eagles

-Country Pie – Bob Dylan

-Wildflower – Tom Petty

-Tame Impala – Breathe Deeper

-Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – Lariat

-Stephen Malkmus – Middle America

-Pinegrove – Rings

-Kanye West- Water

-The Arctic Monkeys – Star Treatment

-Caribou – You and I

-The Beatles – In my life

-Paul McCartney – Heart of the Country

-Bon Iver – Hey Ma

-Mr. Hymn – A Wind so Gigantic

-Kurt Vile – Rollin with the Flow

-Kurt Vile – One trick Pony

-Radiohead – The Daily Mail

-Jessie Ware – Spotlight

-Jessie Ware – Soul Control

-Solange – Binz

-Frank Ocean – Lens

-Saint John – I heard you got to lit last night

-James Blake – I can’t believe the way we flow

-Rosalia – TKN

-Fleet Foxes – Third of May

-Fleetwood Mac – I don’t Want to Know

-Fleetwood Mac – 7 Wonders

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about A Paper Corner or your new EP?

The Album artwork and all the album photography was done by Jonathan Klempa.

I changed the name of the project 4 times before settling on A Paper Corner, which was originally going to be the title of the EP.

My brother and I worked on the EP for 1 year and a half before releasing our first single.

Where is the best place for people to find your music and follow what you’re up to?

The best place to support my music is Bandcamp. Bandcamp allows anyone to purchase and download the entire EP at its highest fidelity by just donating however much money you want and that goes directly to me.

However, it is available on all major platforms including YouTube and YouTube Music.

Check out A Paper Corner’s Debut EP, ‘Humans’ in the link above, or in the player below.

Click here to see an intimate acoustic performance of Dylan performing their tune, “Make it Better”

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