Sometimes you click on a song to just check out a new artist, not really having any clue what that little click on the play triangle is going to behold. Then boom! That click releases this song and that song ropes you in and ties you down. Leaving you unable to move as you listen and drags your mind away down a dark tunnel. Your mind just leaving your body completely. In short, that was exactly my experience listening to and watching the music videos of the band Stiff Cats.

The music has a psychedelic vibe. Watching their videos while listening only enhances those effects on you. The trippiness, multiplied by the strung out feel of the mania present in each frame, of each scene, that unfolds before you. Unraveling fast as the high crashes all around you.

The Stiff Cats are Pablo Rojas, Matan Neushtan, Richard Amor and Emily Johstone. They list their genre as Apocolyptic GOB ROCK. They have no official release as of yet on an album or EP, but here are three songs you can find on their Soundcloud. Also, a bit on what the lead singer, front woman and my personal favorite bad-ass, Emily had to say about the videos…


“Electric Velvet takes its name from the hippie cult classic “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” and was filmed on a nudist beach just south of Barcelona.”-Emily Johnstone


“Mania is about mental breakdown and the idea that perhaps it is better to go insane than to continue on in a mundane reality. We were losing our minds in a small English town…”-Emily Johnstone

“Splinter is about infidelity and sexuality.” -Emily Johnstone

So here you go, I introduce to you, Stiff Cats. Let me know what you think! Check them out and follow them on their Facebook and on Twitter @STIFFCATS.


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