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Way back in 2015 we featured Oklahoma City’s Sex Snobs as our video of the day and we’ve been waiting for some new music ever since. Well the band has recently released their third record – “Emotional Stuffing“, expertly engineered by Steve Albini and it’s a good one.

Where their previous records – 2015’s “Pop Songs and Other Ways to Die“, and 2014’s “Lonely” were slanted more towards noise rock, “Emotional Stuffing” takes a slightly more straightforward approach. The nine tracks run the gamut of accessibility by mixing the literary intelligence of Protomartyr or The Weakerthans with the hooks of The Pixies. The aggression is still there, it’s just crouching in the ditch waiting to pounce; their sound still fueled by the massive twin guitars, pounding bass and car crashing drums.

Getting the 90s feels is practically a given; the record is grungy and sonic with a weird psychedelic edge. “Emotional Stuffing” is a slow burner, and after the 4th or 5th listen you’ll keep going back.

We caught up the band for a little Q&A before they hit the road. Meanwhile you can order the record HERE!

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Give us a short version of the bands’ history.
Sex Snobs began when Alex (Guitar/Vocals) and James (Bass) moved to Oakland California and started playing with Bay Area native Nicole Dunn on drums. After a few short tours and recording the album “Lonely”, Sex Snobs moved back to our hometown of Oklahoma City where our friend Billy Reid began playing drums. Since then, Sex Snobs has recorded two full length albums and toured the U.S. twice. The newest album “Emotional Stuffing” was engineered by the legendary Steve Albini and was released on High Dive Records. Sex Snobs will be touring the East coast and midwest in the fall of 2017 (dates below) in support of the record.

Tell us about your hometown scene and how the band fit into the scene…

Oklahoma City is great! We have lots of awesome bands and venues here. Our friends in Broncho are killing it, we have played with them a handful of times. There is a really cool new 70’s style synth-punk band called NET, their demo is incredible. John Moreland is one of the most inspiring and heartwrenching current songwriters, we are extremely lucky to have him as a local. We grew up in Oklahoma City playing in various bands and booking shows since we were 16, so our roots go pretty deep. We have a close working relationship with The Opolis, owned by Andy and Marian Nunez of the Starlight Mints, for 15 years they have brough incredible music to Oklahoma. Guestroom Records is an incredible record store here and they heavily support local music along with having an amazing selection. Oklahoma City is a growing city so with the influx of more people come more focus on music, the future seems bright.

Tell us about your gear…
Both of our guitarist play through Roland Jazz Chorus-120 amps, which is a recent development. Incredible amps that respond great to effect pedals. They both also play Fender Jaguar guitars with different specs and pedals. On bass I play a Gibson Thunderbird through a Peavey 700 watt head called the Firebass, old no frills solid state bass head that is SUPER loud and also responds great to effect pedals, usually with a Sans amp and a Rat pedal, sometimes Keely Seafood Chorus. Billy plays a handmade set of C&C drums out of Kansas City.

“We try and maintain a bit of aggression with pop sensibilities and a small bit psychedelic nuances sprinkled in”

Describe your sound as a cocktail – what would it be called and what would be in it?
Tequila Mint Strawberry Smash. As a band we all drink alot of Tequila. Our newer material we are writing deals heavily with fruit as a theme, specifically strawberries, all of us enjoy a fair bit of herb gardening in our free time and mint is a great addition to almost any beverage. We try and maintain a bit of aggression with pop sensibilities and a small bit psychedelic nuances sprinkled in, I would say our sound would taste something like this:

3 strawberries, hulled and sliced
6 mint leaves, plus more for garnish
1 ounce agave nectar
1½ ounces lime juice (from about 1½ medium limes)
6 ounces Tequila (triple shot)

If you could pick any time and place to travel back to for music, where would you go and what year would it be….?
Definitely 70’s England would definitely the time and place I would want to be. Everything from Bowie to T. Rex to Wire, from glam to the obvious punk explosion. Most music I write, listen to, and am inspired by comes from or was directly influenced by that era I would say.

If you could tour with any band/artist right now who would that be and why?
That’s a tough question, there are so many awesome bands right now. We all collectively really like the band METZ, definitely a current favorite and we would love to tour with them. We were lucky enough to have Hayden Menzies, METZ’s drummer, do our most recent t-shirt design. He is an incredible visual artist with a really unique style, not to mention one of the most punishing and exciting drummers to watch.

Give us your 10 song playlist for the tour van/bus/plane?
Pond – Xanman
Hot Snakes – Audit in Motion
Mercyful Fate – Into My Coven
Saigon Rock and Soul Comp album
Catherine Wheel – Black Metallic
METZ – Mess of Wires
Narrow Head – Cool in Motion
Ariel Pink – Another Weekend Out of My Life
Gong Gede – Tabuh Pat Semarandana (Gamelan music)
Bugg – Caveman

Give us two essential books to read.
The Art Spirit by Robert Henri, essential for any artist of any medium. Incredible. Written by early American painter Robert Henri, endless advice and concepts on evaluating your own and others creativity. Lord of the Flies by William Golding is another book we enjoy and have collectively discussed as a band.

When you’re not playing and have some time off, where could we find you…

Our interests are pretty all over the place. Alex enjoys modding Gameboys and developing his own boardgames. Billy works at an awesome 90’s themed juice bar called Wheeze the Juice and is in school for audio engineering. I enjoy oil painting, skateboarding, and rock climbing. We all stay pretty busy, plus, we all drink more Strawberry Tequila Smash’s than we should.

What’s up for the rest of 2017?
As far as for the rest of 2017 goes, we are hitting the road for two and a half weeks in support of our new album. We are writing and recording for the next record, and have a good chunk of that under our belt. Early 2018 we are going to do a West coast tour and see where that takes us.




Fall Tour 2017
10/26 KC at The Blind Tiger
10/27 St. Louis at The Sinkhole
10/28 Milwaukee at Ground Zero
10/29 Chicago at The Owl
10/30 Detroit at UFO Factory
10/31 DAY OFF
11/1 Boston at O’Briens
11/2 Providence TBA
11/3 New Brunswick at In the West
11/4 Philadelphia at Kung Fu Necktie
11/5 NYC at Alphaville
11/6 Baltimore at Platypus Manor
11/7 Harrisonburg at the Golden Pony
11/8 Athens at Caledonia
11/9 Birmingham at The Nick
11/10 NOLA at Circle Bar
11/11 Houston TBA
11/12 Austin at Beerland

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