Meet RunHideFight: “Raucous Garage Rock Fueled by Motherhood-meets-Marshall Angst”

It’s no secret that we love our garage rock here at 50third, so it should come as no surprise that Philadelphia rockers RunHideFight are on heavy rotation with a number of 50thirders these days.

Their output is small at this point – the debut single – “He’s A Jerk” / “Because I love You” was recently released by Hidden Volume Records, but the single has garnered a lot of attention. It’s no wonder, this is quite an introduction to a new but seasoned band.

RunHideFight comes with a strong pedigree with members hailing from bands like Rockula, Brother JT, The Creatures of the Golden Dawn, Swisher, The Original Sins, Mae Pang, Marah, and Three 4 Tens. It all comes together in fine fashion for two seriously contagious garage rock knockouts.

He’s A Jerk” rips out of the gate with a sick Sonics/Kinks riff followed by the Wendy O-esque scream from frontwoman Geeta Simons and a cavity inducing chorus.

Because I Love You” is a fuzzed out psych strut out of the The Pretty Things’ playbook.

All in all this is garage rock perfection with two songs and so much to look forward to!

Geeta Dalal Simons (guitar/vocals)
Brother JT (guitar/vocals)
Christine Weiser (bass/vocals)
Jon Kois (drums)

Give us a short version of RunHideFight’s history.
Geeta: We all played in awesome garage bands in Philly in the late ’90s: JT was in the Original Sins (and the Creatures of the Golden Dawn before that); I was in Rockula, Christine was in Mae Pang and Jon was in Three 4 Tens. (Jon was also in Marah and JT is JT of Brother JT who has records out on Thrill Jockey , and before that, Drag City).
I taken a long break from playing music, but due to mounting frustration over the state of the world around me, I picked up my guitar and started writing songs again (in-depth interview on that HERE).
I had a friend from junior high come in to help me track, Jay Demko – a Portland-based engineer. We recorded these songs on a three-day stretch here and there, between tours for him. It was an act of desperation I think, and at first it was completely obvious that I had to make do with where I was in life: recording in my children’s’ playroom, using some of their toys as percussion. It was really Christine who got the band together, and it was Chris DiPinto of DiPinto Guitars that put the two of us together. Without her I’d be writing and singing garage rock alone, top Mr. Potato-head and the misfit toys that the kids don’t care about anymore.

The spirit of garage rock bands like The Sonics and Thee Headcoatees is pervasive, but you also list Cheap Trick, Dag Nasty and Naked Raygun as influences. How do these bands contribute to RunHideFight’s sound?
Geeta: That post-hardcore and hard rock influence can be heard in what I typically refer to as “the second half of our set”, where I trade out my custom 24 string doubleneck for a vintage Gretsch and transform into a Joan Jett/Malcolm Young screaming rhythm guitar player. Those songs have yet to be released, but you can hear the demos of two of them on SoundCloud : Eat My Heart Out and Mom of the Year. The demo versions are very bare bones, it’s just me playing everything and singing, but with Jason from Hot Snakes drumming. Although JT is doing that amazing wah lead on Eat My Heart Out.G

Describe your sound as a cocktail – what’s in it and what’s it called?
Geeta: I’ll let JT take this one:
JT: “Well you take some 5 Hour Energy and put in tumbler. Fill to rim with grain alcohol. Light on fire. Then fling it at some drapes or something and quietly leave the room, muttering ‘Sic Semper Tyrannis’. Its called a Dirty Comet.”


And my angst … where even to begin? I think that goes back to punk rock 101: when you’re frustrated with the state of the world around you , and you turn to music as your way to let it out, affect change; basically to have an excuse to turn up to 11.”


Give us some background into the “raucous rock fueled by motherhood-meets-Marshall angst” description of RunHideFight.
Geeta: We do have our share of raucous onstage shenanigans, I am prone to jumping (sometimes landing on my feet, sometimes almost falling off of the stage), kicking cymbals, losing my beehive into the audience. And motherhood, well Christine and I are Moms. We both played in bands way before, took breaks after we had kids, and then returned to what we love: rocking out mightily with no hesitation.
I blew out my HiWatt cab and began playing through a Marshall 4×10 stack. That’s the Marshall part.
And my angst … where even to begin? I think that goes back to punk rock 101: when you’re frustrated with the state of the world around you , and you turn to music as your way to let it out, affect change; basically to have an excuse to turn up to 11.

Tell us about your gear…..
Geeta: o m g, you’ve hit the holy grail. I’m a serious gearhead. I have my DiPinto double neck 24 string: 12 electric /12 sitar. When I recorded the demo, I was tracking everything, I used an electric sitar and a real one on some songs that aren’t up on SoundCloud. I thought, how am I gonna play these songs live without switching guitars a million times, or having 85 people in the band? So- to pull the songs off live, luthier Chris DiPinto (DiPinto Guitars) modded my Danelectro 6/12 to my specs . The man is just a genius; it came out so rad! Not only does it play well and is relatively light for a doubleneck, it’s kind of an emblem of me in this band: an over the top acknowledgement of the ’60s music I love, as well as a nod to my Indian heritage. And the icing on the cake (or rather the finish on the guitar ) is a peekaboo checkerboard ode to my guitar hero, Rick Nielsen. I play it through a Hiwatt custom 50 that was modded for me by Mark Sampson (no distortion pedal); that goes through a Marshall 4×10. For the second have of the set, I play a ’63 Gretsch 6120 for that Malcolm Young rhythm guitar sound.

Tell us about your hometown scene and how you fit into it…..
Geeta: The Philly scene right now is one where bands support and influence and endorse each others’ music; a positive, organic, cohesive inclusive whole. It is full of possibilities and very DIY. And that’s the kind of scene I love and am proud to represent.

If you could pick any time and place to travel back to for music, where would you go and what year would it be….?
Geeta: I SO would have loved to have been part of the early-mid ’90s Estrus heyday.

Give us your 10 song playlist for the tour van/bus/plane?
Geeta: My playlist is highly dependent on two variables: 1) my mood and 2) who else is in the vehicle. But let me say that for me, you would probably hear at least some ’60s country music, a lot of late ’70s punk. and ’60s Bollywood soundtrack song or two as well.
In all honesty, I would more likely be found tuning a guitar, gluing on fake eyelashes and a bindi, pinning in a beehive, or pushing my nerd glasses up with a Rubik’s cube.

In your short history RunHideFight has opened for acts such as Pere Ubu, the Red Aunts, Paul Collins Beat, and The Plimsouls. Who would you love to tour with and why?
Geeta: Shannon and the Clams because they are freaking amazing and seem like fun and hilarious individuals.

What’s up for the rest of 2018/2019?
Geeta: We’ll be recording our first album, and touring. We are waiting to hear back on a few awesome opportunities, but some confirmed non-tour gigs I can talk about are:

01/19/19 – Brooklyn, NY at Kingsland with Paul Collins Beat
02/02/19 – Philly at Kung Fu Necktie with The Fleshtones
Some tour dates in March/April
05/03 or 05/04 in Boston with Justine and the Unclean



Photos taken by John Vipper on 11/30/18 in NYC at The Parkside Lounge

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