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Whether you like your music with a healthy dose of distortion or not, one thing is for sure – London’s Dead Arms make one hell of a racket and they certainly don’t waste any time letting you know. Their latest release – All The Hits – comes in like a lion with the thundering Ramparts and ends 10 ear-destroying songs later with the raging Residential Evil.

Rooted in the Fugazi-Big Black-Scratch Acid noise rock sound, Dead Arms, like contemporaries Metz, are heavy on the bass. Whether it’s the in-your-face buzz of the Danny 5 Bands’ Lemmy like bass, or the pummeling assault of Kitty Techno’s wicked kick drum, the only way to describe the sound this rhythm section makes together is to imagine what it’s like to use a jackhammer inside a shipping container.

Throw in Phil Glitter’s manic guitar and the Rollins/Yow-esque bluster of vocalist General Waste and you have a band that makes it very difficult to pin down. You could just say Dead Arms are a noise rock band, but for me, I just keep thinking man, this stuff reminds me of Discharge and GBH and it makes me want to jump in the pit, guzzle beer and swear like a sailor.

Just have a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

We are…
General Waste (has the beard)
Phil Glitter (has the riffs)
Kitty Techno (has the beats)
Danny 5 Bands (has 5 Bands)

People say we sound like….
A glorious racket by some, whilst others have mentioned Part Chimp, Pissed Jeans, The Jesus Lizard and 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster.

We are originally from…..
Villages and towns around the UK but we all met each other in London

How did you become Dead Arms and what’s with the name?
Originally we were known as Wet T-Shirt Competition but our original drummer Dave Maintenance quit to concentrate on his more successful projects (Death Pedals, ShitWife and Ladyscraper) so we asked our mate Kitty Techno if she’s join us, and she said yes! We changed the name, wrote more songs and actually became fairly proficient.
Kitty came up with the name, not sure how but it was the only one we all agreed on.

What music has had an influence on your sound?

We’re part of a thriving DIY scene in London so we get influenced by a whole bunch of great bands we’ve seen and played with, we wanted to be a bit of a party band though, hence the short songs and simple structures – we love folks to have a dance whilst they’re getting assaulted by sound.

Tell us about the scene in London…
We’ve all been part of various bands and DIY collectives over the years promoting our own shows and releases and generally helping each other out. Our label Rip This Joint is one of the most successful of these groups and all four of us are involved with it in some form or other.

Tell us about your live show…
Varied. If we play first on a bill it can be really tight and aggressive but once we’re a little “lubricated” the magic really happens.

How does the city’s musical history, or landscape influence your sound?

When you only play warehouses, run down boozers and basements you kinda have to play fast and loud.

Photo by Ross Fraser

What influences the band lyrically?
The current shit heap that capitalism and greed has created throughout the world…and rude words.

Our most memorable gig ever was….
Probably our album release party, played with some great bands, got drunk, had a laugh…Perfect night

If you could pick any time to travel back to for music, where would you go and what year would it be….
General Waste: 1960-1962 to watch the Beatles in Hamburg. I bet it was raw as fuck.
Phil Glitter: Washington DC, around 1988, Fugazi, enough said.
Kitty Techno: August 1991, at the “Love Rock Revolution Girl Style Now” show
Danny 5 Bands: I would use it to watch all 5 of my bands

Growing up, at home we listened to…..
General Waste: My dad played a lot of The Spencer Davis Group and Manfred Mann and my mum was into Motown and Phil Collins so naturally, I listened to Body Count and The Pet Shop Boys a lot.
Phil Glitter: My parents forced me to listen to Dire Straits, Paul Simon, Tina Turner and lots of Irish folk, which should explain our sound.
Kitty Techno: A healthy mix of Rage Against the Machine and Spice Girls
Danny 5 Bands: Anything that sounds like one of my current 5 bands

What tunes are on heavy rotation for you…
General Waste: I have a one year old son so mostly nursery rhymes but he does love RL Burnside’s ‘Let My Baby Ride’ so that gets hammered daily.
Phil Glitter: The Stooges ‘Shake Appeal’, that’s it.
Kitty Techno: Currently, Petrol Girls, Kaki King, new Love of Diagrams, new Sleater-Kinney, Deep Heat
Danny 5 Bands: Just stuff from my 5 bands

If you could open for any band right now who would that be and why?

General Waste: Faith No More (Mike Patton is my all time favourite vocalist)
Phil Glitter: Death Pedals or USA Nails, cause one of us gets to play twice in a night.
Kitty Techno: hmmm…Retox
Danny 5 Bands: Any one of my other bands

If you could only bring ONE record (you can all answer if you like) in the tour van what would it be?
General Waste: Probably The Bronx – II (properly gets me in the mood for a show)
Phil Glitter: Hot Snakes – Audit In Progress, I’ll never get bored of that record. Or possibly Dire Straits, Brothers In Arms.
Kitty Techno: Tina Turner – Foreign Affair
Danny 5 Bands: How can I pick one record from all of my bands!

When you’re not playing and have some time off, where could we find you…
General Waste: At home knee deep in baby shit reading comics
Phil Glitter: In front of my computer doing band admin, at a band practice or at the pub. Really can’t think of anything else I do!
Kitty Techno: Time off the day job? hmm, probably visiting my nephew and niece. Or going for a nice long run. Rock and roll!
Danny 5 Bands: I have 5 bands….

The one thing we want you to remember while you’re listening to our music….
That even though the world is one fucked up place every little thing you do to try and make it better and to take care of others is important.

What’s up for 2015?
We’re currently in discussion regarding a song to cover for a compilation album. Current bands under consideration are The Ramones, The Sonics, L7, The Stooges, Supergrass and Shampoo.
If anyone has any ideas, please let us know….

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