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Today we feature The Calm Fiasco. These guys are laying down some catchy tracks with lyrics to sing along to , I can picture them at Glastonbury with throngs of kids waving flags and swaying back and forth in unison. These tracks are slightly addictive, don’t be surprised when you find yourself listening to them on repeat..

From Their press:
Glasgow rockers The Calm Fiasco are set to release their fantastic sophomore EP The Fear due for release on 22nd April 2016 via Chewy Records.

Knitting together a killer combination of dangerously catchy indie guitar pieces, energetic drum beats, mesmerizing pop-hooks and Glaswegian accented vocals, The Fear perfectly captures the bands enthusiastic live performances on record. Influences from the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix shine through on tracks such as ‘She Said’ and forthcoming single Lose Control as the band embrace the use of California-pop style guitar licks and infectious choruses.

Comprising Del Morin (lead vocals/guitar), Greg Totten (lead guitar/backing vocals), Harry Fleming (bass/backing vocals) and Andy McInnes (drums), the band came together in 2012 after bonding over a shared love of music both past and present. Finding time out from blagging their way into festivals, interviewing A-list celebrities under the guise of Harry being James Cordon’s younger brother (he bears an uncanny resemblance), The Calm Fiasco began to build their presence on the Scottish music scene.

With their first release receiving support from Amazing Radio, The Daily Record and The Sunday Mail as well as playing 2 sold out headline shows at King Tuts, The Calm Fiasco are now eager to share their music with a wider audience, aiming to turn even more heads with their addictive mix of indie, pop and rock with a Glaswegian twist.

The Fear out 22nd April 2016 via Chewy Records.

Q. for those unfamiliar with your bands history, can you tell us all how you all met up and decided to start a band ?

A. Well I’ve known Andy our drummer since primary 1. If you’d told us we’d be in a band together in our twenties we would have laughed & carried on playing with our Pokemon cards. We met Harry through mutual friends & it’s like he’s been there since day 1. I met Greg at college when I was studying sound production & we immediately hit it off as we were into the same kind of bands. We started off playing covers for something to do & before you know it you’re attempting to write your own songs which you’re amazed to discover that people quite enjoy.

Q. who would you list as your musical influence?

There are too many to mention but the band that has had the biggest impact on my life has got to be the Beatles. My dad is a massive fan & it all stemmed from him playing their music constantly in the house. Their music lay the foundations which made me discover other bands in the 60s like the Byrds, the Kinks & small faces. Although we don’t sound anything like them their music made me want to be in a band.

Q. whats the coolest thing that’s happened to you as a band since you started up?

A. Our appearance on STV was a surreal experience. We were to play 3 of our songs live dotted throughout a 1 hour show & we got asked a few questions at the end of the show. I kept on thinking I was going to forget the words but thankfully it was error free & even managed to crack a successful quip or 2. Our phones were going mental that day everybody saying how proud they were & we loved every minute of it.

Q.what are your hopes and dreams as a band for the next few years.

A. We’re always planning ahead & of course to keep on writing is essential to grow as a band. We’d love to get in about festivals this year & we feel as though we’re ready to show everybody what we’re all about. We believe in ourselves & if you aim high you’ll not be disappointed if you fall short.

Q. what are some of your favorite albums from the past few years?

A. We love Arctic Monkeys & in a way we’ve grown up with their music. All of their albums have been milestones in our lives & we can always associate a song of theirs with a time or place. A favourite of mine is channel orange by frank ocean. I went through a stage of listening to that album everyday for like 6 months. Hurry up with the new album Frank eh?

Q. Do you see any real use for social media , or is it all just a pain in the ass to keep with?

A. It’s got it’s uses & it’s basically essential for a band to have it. It allows us to connect with fans & being able to engage with them is great. Before bands had a mystique about them & you wouldn’t know a lot about them but now you know what they have for lunch. On a personal level I don’t know if it’s a good thing, everything is so accessible today. I remember as a kid scrolling through the music channels on sky waiting in anticipation for a song I liked to come on, it was exciting in a weird way. Now I can pull out my phone and listen to anything I want, where’s the fun in that?

Q. Do you pay attention to reviews or comments from people about your music or do you just turn that noise off.

A. It can be a bit off putting if you hear anything negative but it Spurs us on to do better. It was initially hard to dismiss but nowadays we tend not to listen to it. They way I see it were not in control of what people write or say about us we just need to focus on what we come up with & hopefully people out there like it.

Q. If you could tour anywhere in the world , where would you want to go.

A. We always speak about how good it’d be to tour the USA. Speaking to people that have been there they go crazy for the Scottish accent & we’re as Scottish as they come. I dunno why but I’ve always had a fascination about Japan. It’s on the bucket list but how cool would it be to get a gig over there?! Japan if you’re reading this, drop us an email please.

Q. Can music save the mortal soul or is just a good backbeat to your life.

A. It can be both. Some songs you hold dear & will always mean something to you. I love it when I hear a song I’ve not heard in ages & it takes me back to that specific time in my life. There’s albums that I will listen to for the rest of my life & then again sometimes you just want music in the background just filling in the spaces.

Q. Any last thoughts for your fans…

A. We can’t thank our fans enough for their continued support. We can’t say anything at the moment but 2016 is shaping up to be massive for us. Who knows we might even have a Far East tour lined up.

The Calm Fiasco:



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