Out May 17th On Girlsville – “Bits & Pieces” by MR. AIRPLANE MAN

Where do I start, Mr Airplane Man is a dynamic force who give the blues newness. They have recently relocated to the West Coast and are embarking on what some would call a comeback. For me and others we never stopped playing them so there really wasn’t a time without their music .We look at Mr. Airplane Man in 2017 and think maybe this time everyone else will figure out they are a band for the ages. For many musicians and fans they are the end and the beginning. Their music touches us in a way that gets us wound up ,makes us throw superlatives around like there is no tomorrow. Out May 17th on Girlsville is a new album from Mr. Airplane Man. Follow these links, pre-order the album .

Girlsville – Pre-Order “Bits and Pieces’

from Girlsville Bandcamp:
A collection of odds and ends culled from Mr. Airplane Man’s private tapes. Outtakes from Red Lite, Moanin’, and Sessions from C’mon DJ, plus charming bedroom jams from when Margaret and Tara were teenagers creating a secret language in one anothers secret clubhouse. They would go on to be one of the fiercest blues punk duos of the early aughts and they are still going strong today. This collection showcases early stuff recorded by Jeffrey Evans or 68 comeback / Gibson Bros ( The Mazzy Star cover, Blue Litem on through the latest reocrdings with Greg Cartwright (Over That Hill). Official album art forthcoming!

from Mr Airplane Man Facebook:
Mr. Airplane Man is Margaret on guitar and Tara on drums. We are a mishmash of deep love for Mississppi hill country blues, Memphis weirdo rocknroll, drony VU and Stooges, and Boston (our hometown) garage beat and pop wonderment.

Where do we start?! Here’s *some* of the awesome news
1. We are planning to record a new album in May in San Francisco!!!!
out in the Fall on Casbah !!
2. WE ARE COMING BACK TO EUROPE!!! October 2017!!!
Indiegogo starts this week to help make it all happen..

We have immense gratitude to the beautiful people all over the world who have sent messages of encouragement, support our record making and listen/ love our music. Without the force of your love we could not be high flying.

Mr. Airplane Man – Facebook

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