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Yes you know this name, Matt Rendon (The Resonars). He is working on a new solo project with TroubleInMind records, a new EP set to release October 2nd. Butterscotch Cathedral, features 3 tracks totaling almost 40 minutes of sweet psychedelic goodness. Side one is an 18 minute long track and side two features “Loud and Heavy Sun” and the 17 minute “Lisa’s Dream”. Here is what Matt had to say about the new project…

Tell us a little about this latest project, Butterscotch Cathedral.

The Butterscotch Cathedral was an attempt to put together two side-long tracks that work as dreamscapes – banded together with recurring themes. It started as just a band name – I worked as a truck driver for a thrift shop and one day we did a pick up at a kitchen cabinet door manufacturer, two display models were set next to each other with the words butterscotch and cathedral. I thought it would make a great band name but didn’t do anything with it til one day I mentioned it to Bill Roe in passing and he said – ‘let’s do it!’ – I had no songs written or any idea of what it might sound like. It was recorded through most of 2014 on 8-track.

I have read it’s a homage to the music of the 60s, (The Who, Beach Boys). What made you interested in doing something like that, besides the obvious that it would totally kick ass?

Well I can’t do much about it sounding similar to the Who – that’s just the way I play – I record everything loud without much consideration for timekeeping – the more raw-sounding the better. The Beach Boys thing comes in because a lot of the recording is modular and there’s a lot of high harmonies. A lot of the material on the album was recorded in bits and pieces and then reconfigured and shuffled to sound cohesive.

Joined with Chris Ayers and Jim Waters on this EP… What were their roles?

Chris Ayers wrote **almost all the lyrics on the album – I would come up with a chord structure and a melody and then toss him some vague subject matter that he would then elaborate upon. Jim Waters was crucial to the mix – he had a ton of great effects ideas and was brilliant at sorting out the order and level of the songs.

**The song Wing-A-Ding on Side 2 was written by Louis Filliger and Jessie Jones of Feeding People.

Who do you listen to when you are not recording?

I run a recording studio in Tucson, AZ called Midtown Island – so I find myself listening to and practicing mixes of a lot of local bands – Shmee & the Followers, Harsh Mistress, Freezing Hands, Sea Wren, Louise Le Hir. Otherwise I spin whatever records I’m into – which these days are the new LPs by Jessie Jones, Electric Magpie, Jacco Gardner and Winter.

What was the first album you ever bought?

I can’t remember, but I associate my early purchases with the Rolling Stones – Aftermath, Between The Buttons, TSMR – until then I was listening to tapes made by my older brother Mark – so tons of Beatles, Hermans Hermits and Badfinger.

What song do you wish you had written?

“Nowhere Man”

Butterscotch Cathedral is available for preorder now and set to release on October 2nd. Check it out as Matt Rendon pays homage to the great music of the 60s and 70s. This is not just an EP, it’s a journey through time. Just press play and let your mind go. Thanks Matt and TroubleInMind for sharing this with 50third and our readers!

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