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Just about everything makes it’s way back around to popularity. One day you’re making fun of your parents’ style in the 80s, the next day you’re buying the same clothes. It some ways, it’s like pop culture’s knack for making you eat your words. In others, its because those things were just that good. Of course, music is no exception! Most modern alt-rock bands have traded their angst and distorted guitars for checkered sunglasses and synths. But what about R&B? Well, Matt Duncan has you covered with the repress of his 2013 album Soft Times.

We can all agree decent Soul music never goes out of style, but Matt Duncan reminds you why we love it so much.

Any artists can tell you how much of a shortcut it is to rip off something classic. It’s literally as easy as changing thing minor things to their strengths. While Duncan reminds me of Marvin Gaye and (70s era) Billy Joel, his core sound isn’t pretentious or nostalgia-heavy. There are enough major key piano riffs, funky bass lines, and soulful vocal hooks abound on Soft Times to remind the listener of a time when blue eyed soul was still a thing and not a marketing ploy.

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Any nostalgia found on the record is due to a longing for authentic soul music not deeply rooted in hip-hop. While some could argue AM white boy rock, isn’t very rock n’ roll, Duncan manages to sell his mission statement on straight up authenticity. Every note sounds as if it’s attached to his very soul and not some sort of Apple-brand recording software. These are real instruments backing up a real singer, singing with real passion.

With just one listen to Soft Times and you’ll understand why it was one of the fastest selling albums on Soul Step Records.

So much so, the first pressing of Soft Times has been gone for quite a while. After a few other releases through the label, the demand for Duncan on vinyl became too great to pass up! With this second pressing, fans will be able to hear this album the way it was meant to be heard. The lush instrumentation and production on Soft Times is reference quality on the format and should be a staple of every audiophile’s collection.

If you love Duncan’s latest releases, or simply need a blue eyed soul fix, Soft Times is the record for you. Grab a copy of this album while you can, you won’t be disappointed!

To purchase Soft Times on limited edition vinyl, please visit Soul Step Records 

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