Lung + SKRT – Split EP – Romanus Records REVIEW

If you go back and thumb through my 50Thirdand3rd reviews over the years, you’ll find a common thread. I love me some punk-flavored rock n’ roll. Or is it rock n’ roll-flavored punk? Whatever it is, I love it will my heart. There’s something so satisfying about gnarly guitars, attitude-driven vocals, and drums that rattle your teeth. Be it about feeding a grassroots movement or throwing your broken heart down the stairs, the genre just scratches the itch. Another common thread is Brother O’ Brother remains one of the hardest working bands in indie music. Part of that force is Chris Banta who also runs the indie label Romanus Records. With so much love and energy behind what he does, I already know the bands he works with on his label are stonecold gems. Such is the case with the Lung + SKRT Split EP.

What if I told you, the band Lung sports all of the aforementioned attitude, teeth-rattling, and itch scratching but with a cello in place of a guitar?

Yes, you heard that correctly. Lung is a duo made up of drums, vocals, and a cello. I know, I had to take a double-take too! But here are no schmaltzy “G Major Suite” pieces here. This is that punk-flavored rock n’ roll I speak so highly of! I’m not sure how they do it exactly, but the cello element sounds bigger than guitar and bass combined. Their songs are rich, brooding, but strangely delicate. Think Bikini Kill fronted by Sinead O’Connor.

The flipside is owned by the Dayton, Ohio trio known as SKRT.

Straight out of the gate power-pop sensibilities are in full display underneath a wall of fuzz and chaos. But on the next track, things slow to a crawl giving way to an ominous atmosphere. Like Lung, there is more to SKRT than meets the eye. There are hooks and a strong emphasis on melody but it’s elevated by an indescribable mean streak. Just about every song takes an unexpectedly dark turn in the experimental territory. It’s hard to explain what it is I love so much about SKRT but it’s sort of like being ugly in the most beautiful way possible.

It wouldn’t be a Romanus Records release if there weren’t a plethora of vinyl options!

Just as spontaneous as the music of Lung and SKRT, Romanus is offering up something for every vinyl enthusiast! The multi-colored splatter looking like the center of a radioactive kiwi. Tri-colo representing the father, son, and holy ghost…okay I just made that up, but the tri-color is real and it looks super cool. And my personal favorite, glow-in-the-dark sand-filled! Whichever variant you choose, this split EP from Lung and SKRT is a double dose of rock, punk, experimentation, and beauty representing everything I love about music wrapped up in a nice little 12″ record compliments of Romanus Records!

LUNG + SKRT Split EP is available exclusively at Romanus Records.


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