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I got nipples on my titties
Big as the end of my thumb
I got somethin between my legs
That’ll make a dead-man come
Baby won’t you shave ’em dry
Want you to grind me baby
Grind me until I cry
I fucked all night
And the night before, baby
And I feel like I wanna fuck some more
Oh, grind me honey
Shave me dry
And when you hear me holla baby
Want you to shave me dry
I got nipples on my titties
Big as the end of my thumb
Oh, daddy shave me dry
And I’ll give you something baby
Swear it’ll make you dry
I’m gonna turn back my mattress
And let you on my springs
I want you to grind me daddy
Until the bells do ring
Oh baby
Want you to shave me dry
Oh great God daddy, if you can’t shave em baby, won’t you try?
Now if fuckin’ was the thing
That would take me to heaven,
I’d be fuckin’ in the studio
Till the clock strike eleven.
Oh daddy, daddy shave ’em dry,
I would fuck you baby,
Honey I’d make you cry.
Now your nuts hang down
Like a damn bell sapper,
And your dick stands up like a steeple.
Your goddam ass-hole
Stands open like a church door,
And the crabs walks in like people.
Ow, shit!
(Aah, sure enough, shave ’em dry?)
Ooooh! Baby, won’t you shave ’em dry
A big sow gets fat from eatin’ corn,
And a pig gets fat from suckin’.
Reason you see this whore, fat like I am,
Great God, I got fat from fuckin’.
Eeeeh! Shave ’em dry
(Aah, shake it, don’t break it)
My back is made of whalebone,
And my cock is made of brass,
And my fuckin’ is made for workin’ men’s two dollars,
Great God, round to kiss my ass.
Oh! Whoo, daddy, shave ’em dry

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Benny Two-Shoes

Filling the void between grouchy dinosaurism and current day hipster snobbery, Benny Two-Shoes is the type of guy who kidnaps control of the stereo at sweet sixteen parties and does not relinquish until every last teenybopper leaves a fully-fledged Stooges fan.   

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