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Start your day off with a real rockin kick ass cover from friends of 50thirdand3rd. The Kneels….The Kneels are Neal Gardner & Neil Nathan. They grew up together on the same street in the town that Nostradamus predicted the end of the world would begin, the New City.They cut their chops playing street baseball and football for the Termakay Chargers.
This is from Neil Gardner…..
Neal recorded and played all the instruments on our re-imagining of this classic from the film of the same name. It won the Oscar for best song in 1955 and has been covered by such legends as Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ringo Starr, and “Neal” Sedaka. As a result, I chugged an ample amount of bourbon to calm my nerves, and crooned my little heart out while Riley McMahonrecorded. Pete Rydberg, the man who recorded and mixed Do Ya, mixed it for us. Big thanks to Neal for designing The Kneels logo and album cover, as well as naming the band. And infinite thanks to my lovely wife Leah for her gorgeous flower filled spring photo. Be sure to check out Neal’s new record We Are Infinite. It’ll put you In a wondrously calming trance. Happy Spring everyone. I skipped that brutal winter, but it sounds like you deserve this!

If you want to know more about Neil Nathan go here..
Neil Nathan…50thirdand3rd

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