Lost A-Side: The Wild Beasts- “Minimum Maximum”

I’ve been really late to the Spotify party but after digging into it in the last 3 months I’m (paid account) fully on-board now. I’ve even found some little gems I didn’t know about previously. That’s the dirty little secret of record collecting/music fandom in general- you cannot ever know everything. I’m always finding new stuff, even from eras I thought had covered, and that’s what keeps me in the game.

This is one such discovery. From Bristol, England’s short-lived Fried Egg Records (1979-1980), this is the A-side of the lone release from The Wild Beasts. Just under 2 and half minutes long, this is pretty much power pop refined to its bare essentials and I love every second of it. Of course it’s about love going wrong (aren’t they all?) and you even get two languages. By the way, if you can identify the language used near the end lemme know- you’re smarter than me.

Random fact: bassist and lead singer Andy Franks became the tour manager of a little band you may know called Depeche Mode.

I’ve had this in my head since the first time I heard it and now I pass it along to you. Enjoy!



Special thanks to the No Longer Forgotten Music blog for getting this to me.

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Jim Powers

I used to always write "sideburns and leather, rock and roll forever" in things like this but I'm 35 now and the sideburns are gone and the leather jacket doesn't really fit. However, I'm still like that in my mind.

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