Looking Back It Was Romantic But At The Time I Was Suffocating , New Album from Kissing Party


1st video from the new album…Trash

This is the new Album from Kissing Party, a very cool Indie Band out of Denver which you can pick up at Hot Congress Records. The Band does the whole run of jangy guitars, cool vocals , switching from male to female . Has a nice garage feel at times maybe lo-fi is what I’m picking up, if I had to guess I would think some members of Kissing Party would say they like Guided By Voices, Teenage Fanclub, Lou Reed, Big Star. The usual suspects for a band that does cool ass POP. Give a listen kids, Hot Congress is a label run as an artist collective and that is something I can get on board with, tons of cool stuff coming out of Denver and Kissing Party is high on that list…..

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kissing party

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