Lo-Fi Garage Rock At Its Best, Meet….. The Holstered from Miami FLA


Greetings from The Sunshine State, sunny and 72 is what we are heading towards here today not bad for mid December a few days before the Holidays kick in, we’ll try to brighten your day today with bringing you The Holstered also from right here in Florida. I dig my rock n roll a little on the garagepunk side of things and that’s where these guys are, very cool indeed. Judge for yourself, that’s always been my outlook on reviews of Bands but for me The Holstered are what I’m looking for when it comes to giving new bands a listen. A Band that’s playing the kind of music they love and not giving two shits about what is in fashion or playing on the radio, give them a listen, my bet is you will like what you hear……

Meet…... The Holstered from Miami FLA.

People Say We Sound Like…… Some early reviews tag us with The

Stooges, Velvet Underground, Sweet, The

Doors, Generation X, The Cars, Cheap

Trick. We’ve even managed to get some

Soul tags in there!

3. We are;

Divo Garcia (bass and vocals)

Jorge Hernandez (guitars and vocals)

Mark Cabrales (drums and vocals)

4. We’re all basically from Miami FL. Divo

and myself (Jorge) lived in Los Angeles

years ago and Mark has always been Miami


5. We are fans of 70’s rock and soul. Can’t

go wrong with the classics! The Stones,

James Brown, Iggy Pop, Otis Redding, New

York Dolls, Bowie, T­Rex.

6. The Holstered started several years ago.

Divo and I started writing songs again after

the previous band we were in broke up. The

songs started to take shape and we called in

Mark, he loved the stuff and here we are 2

albums later. Prior to the Holstered I had a

good working relationship working with Divo

working in the band The Coma­Tones.

Books We Like

….7. Anything by Chuck Klosterman, you can

start out with “Fargo Rock City” or “Killing

Yourself To Live”. His writing style and

knowledge of rock music is humorous and

engaging. The Keith Richards biography

“life” was also a good one. “Under Their

Thumb” by Bill German. That ones got some

great scandalous Stones stories!

8. All songs are written by us. Basically it

starts with Divo calling me at some insane

hour of the night with him making sounds,

salking (singing and talking) words and what

style he’s hearing in his head. I process,

decipher and we take it to rehearsal, work

on it and we usually end up with the bulk of

the song down. We’ll do some pre-
production on basically the sound we’re

looking for (or not looking for). On our last

EP we wanted lush reverbs, thick drums,

fuzzed out guitar solos. We called it garage-

9. Craziest gig? During SXSW this year we

had a hip­hop duo that performed after us.

They were a riot! Nice guys dancing and

syncing to our grooves! We reciprocated

doing our own moves during their set! Good

Times! There’s a video of that floating


If you could travel back to any music scene….

10. Probably Los Angeles 1972. The music

scene was hot! You had elements of Rock,

Glam, Soul, Southern Rock. Exile by The

Stones was released along with Superfly by

Curtis Mayfield, Eat a Peach by the Allman

Brothers. Slider by T­Rex. Imagine walking

into the Troubadour in LA and seeing the

upcoming bands of the era? Incredible!

11. Like we said we’re fans of the 70’s music


12. Currently on rotation are the new Ty

Segall “manipulator”

of the 70’s! Just like the new Allah­Las

“worship the sun”. From 1972 the Brett

Smiley debut album, from 1975 Hello’s

“keeps us off the street”. They actually

performed the original version of New York

Groove which was later covered by Ace

Frehley on his solo album.

, sounds like it came out

Who would you like to open for…..

13. Hmmm. Probably Ty Segall, he’s so

attuned to catching that vintage sound on

record and live. Our vibe would fit in, he’d

dig us, he’d produce our next release and

whamo next thing we’re playing at Pitchfork

music festival!

Advice for the kids…..

14. Don’t expect anything, have fun and

listen to all styles of music.

When we have some time off we are….

15. We are music snobs, we’ll be watching

some music documentary on Netflix or

reading some crappy article in Rolling Stone

about the flavor of the month pop star.

. Like Divo says,

be a hit!”

“not every song has to

Plans for 2015….

17. We are currently rounding out our songs

for the next release. We’ve got some good

ones coming! Look for a March release.

Working titles maybe Firefly or Soul?

listen to some excellent tunes….

you can follow, keep up with , and LIKE , The Holstered at….

The Holstered.com

The Holstered, Facebook


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