LIVE REVIEW: Niles Rooker Trio Rocks The Basement East

Niles Rooker Trio

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of catching some acts at The Basement East here in Nashville. Four acts to be exact: Sky Temple Blues, Niles Rooker Trio, Down Boy and Feedback Revival. I had seen two out of four, so I was excited. But what I didn’t expect was to be completely blown away by Niles Rooker Trio, a blues-rock band out of Nashville. The energy, the music and the voice left me with my mind reeling. I was texting everyone I knew to ask if they had heard of them, or telling them to check them out. I wanted to know more about them and why had I not ever seen them before. I was almost mad, feeling like I had been missing out on these guys.

Niles Rooker Trio

Little Bio on these guys: Niles Rooker Trio formed in August of 2014, wanting to capture sounds of the 50s and 60s. Members are Niles Rooker (Vocals/Guitar), Jeff Meloen (Drums), and Ryan Lemp (Bass/Keys). Getting together at first just to make loud noise and play some blues while also making life hard on their surrounding neighbors. In September of 2015, the trio released their debut EP titled Beach Talk. Beach Talk is five tracks recorded at Dark Horse Studios here in Franklin, mixed by Chris Mara at Welcome To 1979, and mastered by Alex McCollough at Yes Master.

So while completely dumbfounded, fumbling for my camera, leaving my drink sitting on the table I made my way up to the stage as I listened and began to feel the music that bolted me out of my seat. There was no slow build up, they went straight to rocking out, straight jamming. I was writing things on my phone like captivating, lush voice, warmth, energy, must tell the world. I was giddy and turned on and having fun. I didn’t want them to stop playing. Niles Rooker has this voice that screams like a veil and you just want to wrap yourself in it as he tears that guitar up. Meloen on the drums is fascinating to watch him just pound away, almost if he just feels the music there is no next move he just feels it, perfectly. Lemp’s bass slicing through the air with sounds that are rich and warm. I had a great time and they of course left me wanting more. I hope to catch them again soon and I wanted to thank them for an amazing performance. I am no longer mad, just feel a little sorry for people who have no idea who and what this band is… Niles Rooker Trio.

Niles Rooker Trio

Photos by yours truly…

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