LIVE REVIEW: The Kills, Killin’ It at Marathon Music Works Nashville

the kills

There is something to be said of what Alison Mosshart’s voice does to me and what the guitar riffs that are not just played, but perfectly executed from Jamie Hince that make me lose my balance and my mouth water for a strong drink.the kills The throbbing and pulsing of the room form its own energy. The beat so contagious and captivating that the crowd is hypnotized, completely captivated by everything happening on that stage.

Last night, The Kills played Nashville’s Marathon Music Works. If you have ever been to the venue you know, it’s a cool place. Tucked away in urban dwelling on the side of Nashville’s downtown in an old brick warehouse. You park in the field across the street and walk into an open room, almost completely stripped down with the cool air blowing on you from huge fans in the rafters. Walking in, the energy is already high. Nashville, you look good, you do. The crowd already packed in around the stage, eagerly awaiting for those lights to go down and anticipating that first song. the killsThe Kills opened with “Heart of a Dog”, the boom boom boom filling the space, making your knees go weak. Screams erupted and it was on. Mosshart moaning into the mic “I’m Loyalllll, I got the heart of a dog”, dancing with everything she has in this erotic but care-free style that leaves you wanting, her eyes seeming to pull you on the stage with her.

The Kills are an indie rock band formed by American singer Alison Mosshart and British guitarist Jamie Hince. They have just recently this past June released their fifth studio album, Ash & Ice. This is the band’s first album in five years and it’s their longest, with 13 songs clocking in at about 50 minutes. The Kills - Ash & Ice

The party continued on through the night as they sang everything from their latest album, Ash & Ice. The duo moving around the stage as if they had lived there for years, it was home to them being in front of the crowd, that crowd hanging on their every movement with arms up, fist pumping, jumping up and down to the tempo. the killsBoth Mosshart and Hince interacted with the crowd, wanting just as much from us as we wanted from them. “Doing it to Death” had the crowd screaming reaching for the video button on their phones. “That Love” was moving as the piano notes floating through the room, raising us up and the emotional desolation was raw and genuine.

The Kills tour will continue as they head up north to Wisconsin, Canada then on to the United Kingdom and more ending in November. Check out the complete schedule on their website. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify for the latest updates.

Supporting The Kills last night was opening act Kim and the Created. She blew me away is quite the understatement, as I was totally left just watching with my mouth gaping as I watched wistfully, wanting more and more of her shrilling vocals, wide eyes and screeching guitar chords. Kim the CreatedThe crowd embraced her every move, she played her guitar like a badass out of some dream, bending over backwards, laying on the floor, even jumping out to join the crowd offstage. The definition of punk is this band with leading woman Kim House. She is enchanting in an eccentric-grunge, wild way. Almost as if the stage itself cannot contain what embodies her as she gives us her all. You don’t want to look away, you don’t want to miss a thing.

Find out more on Kim and the Created on her site and follow her through Facebook, Instagram, and bandcamp

A big thanks to The Kills and Marathon Music Works!
photo cred: Jess Sneed

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