LIVE REVIEW: Frankie Cosmos Plays The End

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frankie cosmosMonday nights in Nashville are a bit tricky. You’re coming off the weekend, summer is hanging on, school starting just around the corner and that hot sticky heat lingers longer into the night in August. But when you have a good show to see and friends around there is a buzz in the air that can’t stop you. This Monday night Frankie Cosmos sold out The End on Elliston here in Nashville and there was definitely a buzz, thrilling in all its excited energy. She was joined for the night with music by soccer mommy and Warehouse.

The show started at 8, and I surprised myself by being a few minutes early which never, ever happens, but what can I say I love Frankie Cosmos and I had heard soccer mommy was something I wouldn’t want to miss. So I resigned myself to chill in my car and listen to some music, but there was this crowd of people crossing the streets and coming out of the alleyway, I suddenly thought I had my times wrong. I must be late, no one shows up early, who are these punctual beings dressed so effortlessly cool? I make my way in and the place is packed and hot as hell. Soccer mommy is on stage and she has this cool energy spreading through the room, her aloofness is welcoming. She describes her music as chill but kinda sad, and that is exactly what it is. I opened up to her music, let that melancholy energy make its way into me.

warehouseNext up was Warehouse, a five-piece band out of Atlanta. Lead singer Elaine Edenfield has an amazing charismatic way with her vocals, evocative of The Pretenders mixed with Jefferson Airplane. She has this intense, vibrating- well it’s not really a howl or scream but something in the middle or maybe both of those, deep and primal, restrained in tone and pitch. Anyway it grabs you and you are lured into her and her words and the music being played, avant punk that is loud yet melodic. The band had the crowd going rowdy and crowd surfing began to rear its head, even among the hot ass stench of Tennessee humidity on the first day of August.

frankie cosmosFrankie Cosmos took the stage and the place began to fill up and we were packed in there like sardines. For anyone with personal space issues, you missed a hell of a show. Singer, Greta Kline was wearing her smiley face shirt, had her cap on backwards, and she began exactly the way you would expect, like a breath of fresh air, sounding completely ethereal; her voice smooth, delicate and light. Her brief and crisp songs cut to the heart of emotional heartache, charming and yet also laced with humor. Most songs kind of a meditation of her thoughts and frame of mind, poetic confessions of the deep inward thoughts in her psyche. The crowd sang along to many songs and her face would light up as the voices in the crowd began singing her words right back to her. She talked about thoughts of moving here and was so appreciative of everyone catching the band play. She played through just about every song I knew she had, soaking in the energy of the crowd who stood in awe of the sounds and words sticking in the thick atmosphere of heat all around.

frankie cosmosTour dates for Frankie Cosmos continue through September and her latest album, Next Thing, is out now via Bayonet Records and I highly recommend it for that chill, solemn feeling you crave and sometimes need. Let it be the background soundtrack of your life or you could focus on the music solely to get inside those lyrics and sound, either way the whole album is good straight through to the last song, a subdued synth summation…

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Also be sure to check out Warehouse on Facebook and soccer mommy on Twitter!

Concert photos: Jess Sneed


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