Listen Up! Spotlight on dizzybird records


I’m really late with this one, but it’s still warm out and this stuff is too good not to post, so let’s pretend it’s summer.

Here’s a top notch sampler from the killer Grand Rapids Michigan label – dizzybird records.

We’ve got the 60’s garage rock sounds of Cincinnati’s The Harlequins, Atlanta’s Gringo Star, and Brooklyn’s Las Rosas, the psychedelic orbit of Fort Wayne’s Heaven’s Gateway Drugs, the heavy cement shoegaze of Grand Rapid’s own Coffin Problem, the rambling rock of San Francisco’s Cool Ghouls, and the riffy psyched-out awesomeness of Grand Rapid’s Heaters.

So even though summer is technically over (unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) crank up these tunes and extend the sunny season.


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