Like a Cool Summer Breeze……Meet, Meenk


This is how you want to wake up on the weekend, slip on those headphones, brew some coffee and listen to Meenk. Soothing, very much on that cool indie side of laid back melodies to ease your soul. Voice comparison’s …a laid back Liz Phair meets up with Margo Timmins. The voice fits in nicely with the music, it’s hip and that’s not a bad word. I can see groups of kids listening to this and thinking , yeah she gets us, she knows what we’re thinking and then they learn the lyrics and a star is born , welcome to the new age of lo-fi , coolness personified…. Catchy stuff, give a listen.

Meet, Meenk

How would you describe your tunes?

Skew gaze

What was the first record you ever bought? And where did you buy it?

It was probably a Sugar Ray or a Smash Mouth album and it was probably purchased at Waterloo Records. I’m not sure, I could be romanticizing that memory. More likely that I bought it from the Barnes & Noble in the strip mall.

Which musician , other than yourself, have you ever wanted to be?

Well, it’s been pointed out to me that he’s kind of an ass, but if anyone deserves to act like an ass, it’s Damon Albarn. I have been taken away by just about every music project he touches. There’s so much experimentation and collaboration going on, and because of this you can hear the fun that went into making the records. And as far as I can tell, his songs are rarely, or at least not so obviously, about love. Not that I’m against love songs, but it’s refreshing.

What Is You favorite Saturday Night Record?

I guess that depends on what kind of Saturday night I’m having. Last Saturday night I was listening to Line Leader’s Seeds.

And your Sunday Morning Record?

Kiln House

Music Changed Me……

It can make things less confusing, and can bring up more confusions. I think of it less as changing things and more as digging them up.

The Best Book You’ve ever read…….

I spread the good word of Confederacy of Dunces like the gospel. Oh man, I get excited just thinking about that book. Please, please read it.

The one thing you want us to remember while we are listening to your music….

Happiness forgets.

Listen to some music……

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