Let’s Sum Up My Youth….Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains The Same Concert


Something tells me this all happened a long time ago, it doesn’t feel like that. To me this could have been yesterday, okay a whole lot of yesterdays, but I remember the trips to watch this at The Stanley Theater in downtown Pittsburgh. Dazed and Confused we were, but hey if you wanted to practice being Page or Plant this movie was your blueprint. Sure we had been through our Bowie days and Dylan as well but this was raw and powerful oh and don’t forget trippy. For years whenever Zep would come on the radio for some reason I would lose my mind and as the years went by and the wrecking my car to Zeppelin hit the grand total of 3, I started to change radio stations whenever I heard Plant start to sing, funny now maybe a little nuts back then. It’s only right that I teach my youngest the joys of listening to all of this and who knows maybe if Plant decides to tour next year I’ll be able to finally see them in concert and before everyone starts saying how it won’t be the same, those of us lucky enough to still be around after all these years kinda know that lesson by now. Plant still kicks ass ,and Page is still one of the best and even if the tunes are sung a little different, The Song Remains The Same……..


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