Let’s Have a Party with some Prom Punk….Meet , Cutty Flam


Get ready to start your weekend with some killer tunes from Cutty Flam. Reminds me of the early days of rock ‘n’ roll when the music was about having fun and getting off your ass to dance and swing the night away. It’s a new spin on some very classic music that I’m, betting will make you smile. Cutty Flam are also now part of The Burger Records Family with a release coming out in September..

Meet….Cutty Flam

Dear Reader, we’re Cutty Flam from the black & White Suburbia of the San Fernando Valley. & Currently part of the beautiful Burger Records flamily.

We sound like a 50’s band formed in 2014. Our term of endearment is Prom Punk.

The Family consist of Cutty (Vox/Guitar) , Bang Bangs (Drums), Chewy Lewy (Bass) & the first official un-official member Sneaky B (Tenor Sax)

We we’re all Born & breed in the Suburbs of nostalgia known as the San Fernando Valley (Side note: Birth place of Ritchie Valens our mentor)

The first time we met was at a Rock n Roll dance party. We all came from different schools for this joint dance. We naturally gravitated toward the “punch bowl” & started talking space travel & Buddy Holly.

We knew we were going to be a band after we recorded our first demo “Robot Heart”. We thought “This could actually work!”

The band has never been “Employed” we’re all freelance artist.

Craziest gig was Burger Revue where we shared the stage w/ legend Ronnie Spector, Thee Oh Sees, King Khan & the Shrines, Nick Waterhouse & more. We talked burning skateboards w/ King Khan, playing games w/ some of Waterhouse’s band, watching Ronnie be escorted to her car by tons of security, being sneaky w/ john dwyer. It was just surreal.

The first song we wrote was “Robot Heart” which became the title track for our Album of the same name “Robot Heart” coming out Sept on Burger Records!!!

It’s about un requited love, illusions, & death.

The whole band listens to mostly local artist like: Michael Rey & the Woebegones, Thee Commons, Summer Twins, The Honey Tones, Chicano Batman, Miss Chief, Los Craters, Gap Dream, A Pint of Cacophony & anything else from Burger & Wild Records.

We could never part w/ White Blood Cells (the White Stripes), Bitches Brew (Miles Davis), James Blake (Self-Titled), Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City (Kendrick Lamar) Tropicalia (Caetano Veloso), In Ear Park (Daniel Rossen), & tons more.

When we have time for fun we’re out making short films and documentaries with our production company. For example we just had a gig at the Beauty Bar in Vegas and while we we’re there we shot a short entitled “One Night in Vegas” premiering Wed July 9th on BrotherScienceTV. We’re all actors who couldn’t make it so we play music now. 😉

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us is learn the lyrics, come up with your own dance moves, imagine we’re there playing a private show and check your calendar to see when we’re around your town.

Expect in 2014 a Burger Records Release in September, Vinyl, a New Music Video, more short films, more shows and who knows what else!

Cutty Flam

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