Let’s Get This Party Started…The Hillbilly Moon Explosion ,Damn Right Honey!


What’s in a name? Well, 2 bands in the case of the Hillbilly Moon Explosion. There’s Oliver’s former band the Hillbilly Headhunters and Emanuela’s singer-songwriter project MD Moon. After disbanding the Headhunters, Oliver decided to get back to doing what he does best, i.e. leading a band that really rocks, and so he set out in search of a decent name. Who knows what rubbish he would of come up with, had not Emanuela pointed out that it might be an idea to consolidate on all the hard work they’d put into their former combos and call the new band The Hillbilly Moon Explosion.

Oliver’s first step was to go up to Star Track Studios and record four demo tracks late 1998. The line-up was Oliver, former MD Moon and Happysad drummer Aad Hollander and ex-Headhunter Pat Matteo on guitar. Emanuela was still tied down with solo engagements. The recordings were a great success – two songs from this session made it on to the debut album Introducing the Hillbilly Moon Explosion.

And then, the minute the first gig offers started coming in, Pat decided to quit. Thanks. But the HME found themselves another guitar player in the shape of Patrick Geser, the new kid down the local guitar store.

Late 1999 saw the first Hillbilly Moon Explosion gigs and they soon established a reputation as the hottest rock’n’roll band in town. From late 2K onwards the Hillbilly Moon Explosion was gigging up and down the country and putting in recording sessions at Star Track Studios whenever they could, the result of which is the superb debut LP/CD Introducing the Hillbilly Moon Explosion released 2002.

Aad Hollander was always in great demand as a session and live drummer, going off on tour with other bands every once in a while. This meant the Hillbilly Moon Explosion often had to work with a backup drummer. So, when Aad decided to call it a day late in 2001, then-backup Luke Weyermann stepped in and the HME haven’t looked back ever since.

Their sophomore effort, Bourgeois Baby was released to great acclaim in 2004. And so the Hillbilly Moon Explosion boldly went forth and played all across Europe – Barcelona, London, Berlin, Helsinki, Milano – and have built up a strong following of loyal fans. As a thank you the HME released By Popular Demand – The Basement Tapes 1999-2005, a limited edition mini-album in 2005.

The current line-up is Emanuela on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Luke on drums, Oliver on bass and lead vocals and Duncan James on lead guitar (Patrick having left in 2004) and boy do they rock! Whatever happens, the Hillbilly Moon Explosion will certainly remain true to their cause:- Rock’n’Roll, no BS.


Booking: booking@hillbillymoon.com


Just a whole lot of fun……




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