Let’s Get Back To The Roots….Born Bad Vol 8


For the next few months, I will focus on the early days of rock & roll . This is the stuff that I always fall back to, just great early get you moving songs. I also plan on covering the early members of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, so it’ll be the hits mixed in with songs The Cramps taught us and including some of the blues that came before. We have plenty of folks here at 50thirdand3rd who can turn you on to the new stuff and I’m sure from time to time, I’ll throw my 2 cents in. I hope you enjoy these mini history lessons .

1. Sheriff & the Ravels – Shombolar
2. Bo Diddley – Dancing Girl
3. Walter Brown – Jelly Roll Rock
4. Keith Courvale – Trapped Love
5. Hayden Thompson – Blues, Blues, Blues
6. Lightnin’ Slim – It’s Mighty Crazy
7. Roy Brown – Butcher Pete, Part 2
8. Danny Dell – Froggy Went A Courting
9. Fender Four – Margaya
10. Elvis Presley – Do The Clam
11. Slim Harpo – Strange Love
12. Randy Alvey – Green Fuzz
13. Captain Beefheart – Hard Working Man
14. Sonny Burgess – Red Headed Woman
15. Don & the Galaxies – Sundown (Instrumental)
16. The Revels – Intoxica






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