Laurel Canyon sound updated for a new Generation , Meet – Roses and Cigarettes


Today we bring you , Roses and Cigarettes. Let’s just say , I think Emmylou , Stevie and Joni would be instant huge fans . The range of these two is something you have to listen to yourselves. If you are not convinced Roses and Cigarettes are the real deal, I would be shocked. The voices are so dynamic , you can picture this big expansive scene of the West, rolling out before you. Laurel Canyon sound updated for a new Generation that’s a big takeaway. I’m glad that we are in a time that Singer-Songwriters are starting to be heard again, I’m so sick of what Corporate America passes off as “good” music. Good music . comes from the heart and soul of the artist that are making it and when it’s real, unique, and authentic , that shit can move you, give you Goosebumps, tear you up a little….Meet, Roses and Cigarettes

Hi our name is….

Roses and Cigarettes

People say we sound like…..

AP: That’s kind of a tough question for us to answer, really. Jenny and I have so

many musical influences that our songs really take on bits and pieces from each

of the artists we love. We don’t like to put ourselves in a box, musically speaking.

We have so many musicians, singers, songwriters, and bands who deeply inspire

us and our craft, and we like to keep our horizons open to whatever calls us

creatively when we decide to write music together. So many people who come to

our shows really don’t know what genre to place us in, and we like that. We like

to sound like us, but we also like to give our respects to those artists who have

inspired us to be the artists we are today.

We are….

Jenny Pagliaro (lead vocals) and Angela Petrilli (guitars and backup vocals)

We are from…….

Los Angeles, CA

Can you tell us a little about your debut album that came out

this week, ideas behind some of the songs, how long did it take

you to record and anything else that you would like to share with


JP: We are so proud of our self-titled debut, it was definitely a labor of love. We

started tracking drums last August and wrapped up recording in March. We did

all the recording at our producer, Michael Lyons’ home studio. We really pushed

ourselves to record as often as possible. We are releasing this album ourselves

without any financial backing so we really had to work hard at our daytime jobs

and our music to make it all possible. The first song that was written for the

album was “Laurel Canyon.” It really came from a place of feeling stuck and

writing my way out of it. We wrote “Driving” together after a day of drinking

margaritas! We just sat down with the guitar and it came out! We feel like these

songs take you on a journey. They are all very different but they kind of tell a

story of where we were at when we wrote them.

AP: Our song “Another Way” first started as an idea I had on the guitar. I am a

huge fan of Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page’s approach to the guitar, especially

his open tunings. I remember playing their song, “Going to California,” and I just

loved the Double Drop D tuning, which is when you tune your guitar to DADGBD.

It makes your 6-string guitar sound like a droning 12 string, which I love. I really

wanted to write a song in that tuning, so I put a capo on the fourth fret of my

Martin guitar, and the song really just presented itself to me, which as most

songwriters know, can be a very rare thing. Right away, I recorded it on my

phone and emailed it to Jenny. Little did I know that around the same time Jenny

had come up with some great lyrics about the passing of time and watching life

slip by. We met up the next time, combined our ideas, and the song was born.

Who are some that have an influence on you

JP: Ray Lamontagne, Patty Griffin, Fleetwood Mac, Bonnie Raitt, Miranda

Lambert, John Mayer, Norah Jones, Heart

AP: Definitely Ray Lamontagne. We both just love his voice and his way of

writing. His imagery never ceases to inspire me. Guitar player wise, I’m a huge

fan of Stevie Ray, Jimmy Vaughan, Buddy Guy, BB King, Lindsey Buckingham,

Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Duane Allman, Joe Bonamassa, Gary Clark Jr., John

Mayer. So…obviously I’m a sucker for the blues.

How old were all of you when you started to play and who plays

what in the band

JP: I came out of the womb singing!

AP: I started playing guitar when I was 9.

Can you tell us about the process you use, from writing the

songs all the way through getting the songs out

JP: A lot of times with writing, either Angela will record something on guitar and

send it to me or vice versa where I will sing an idea and send it to Angela. Then

we start coming up with ideas for it. We start filling in lyrics and then get together

and discuss what we have come up with. It really is a collaborative effort on how

we decide the song is going to go. Once all the demos were done and our 10

songs had been decided on with our producer, Michael Lyons who was also a

co-writer on our album, we went into the studio to start tracking the real deal!

First was drums, then Angela recorded every guitar track on the album, that took

a while! Then we just started layering the rest on there! We started our recording

in August and the release date was May 1st! It was a long process that we are so

proud of.

AP: We write very collaboratively. We love bouncing ideas off of each other. It’s

really worked for us because Jenny may hear something I may miss or disregard,

and Jenny may sing a certain note or sing her idea a certain way that inspires me

to play the song a different way. It’s exciting and always keeps us on our toes

creatively. We try not to get stuck in a rut of having all our songs sound the

same, or writing the same album twice. For our song “Giving Up on Love,” it was

just a chord progression I wrote that I really liked. Again, I liked it so I sent it over

to Jenny so she could come up with some lyrics to go over top of it. I remember

the next time I went over to her place to rehearse, that the song was almost

done. The words were so haunting yet so beautiful and heartbreaking. For a

while we were going back and forth if a bridge was needed with our producer,

and finally we came to the realization that a key change was needed to build the

song to its climax after the guitar solo. We’ll always be thankful for Mike with that,

really brought the song where it needed to go.

What are some of the challenges you face as musicians and how

have you overcome those challenges

JP: I think our biggest challenge as a female duo is people don’t know what to

expect from us. Every time we walk in the door we have to prove ourselves as


AP: Absolutely. We have found that there will always be a level of proving

ourselves at shows, especially because we are two female musicians. To

overcome it, we just own what we do. Jenny’s a kick ass singer. I love playing

guitar. It’s my favorite thing in the world to do. Of course it’s annoying sometimes

to have to prove yourself just for the fact that we are young women. But our

favorite way to overcome it is to give people a show they didn’t expect.

If you could pick any time to travel back to for music, where

would you go and what year would it ….

JP: 1970s FOR SURE!

Who are all of you currently listening to ….

Both: Some new artists/albums we both have been listening to a lot lately are

Lake Street Dive, Shakey Graves, Foo Fighters, and Ray Lamontagne.

What do you think of “the state of rock n roll”…

JP: I think it’s coming back! People seem to want more real rootsy music right


AP: I agree with Jenny. I really believe people are starting to yearn for real music

that’s played with real instruments by real people. I find it hard to believe when

people say rock is dead. It isn’t. I’d like to think it just hasn’t been the

mainstream. We believe guys like Dave Grohl, who’s a huge inspiration to Jenny

and I, is bringing rock back to the place it once stood. I believe he’s inspiring

people to grab and instrument and learn how to play it. He’s inspiring people to

go support local musicians and record stores. He’s doing a lot of good for the

rock movement. As musicians, we can truly attest to the way playing music

makes you feel: it’s the best feeling in the world.

Some albums that you have played on repeat over the years……

JP: Bonnie Raitt: Nick of Time, Ray Lamontagne: Trouble, Any album by James

Taylor or the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac Rumours

AP: I’m a huge Incubus fan, so Morning View and Make Yourself definitely. Pearl

Jam’s Ten, Norah Jones’ Feels Like Home, Ray Lamontagne’s Trouble, Led

Zeppelin I and Houses of The Holy, Bad Company’s Bad Company, Rumours for

sure…and SRV’s Texas Flood.

If you could open for any Band right now who would that be

JP: There are so many bands we would love to open for!! Heart for one…really

get the girl rock band thing going! Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, and Zac

Brown Band.

My youngest son is 13 and in a Band, what advice would you

offer him…

JP: Keep practicing!!! Go out to your garage with your friends and just practice

and jam. Observe as many great musicians as possible and expose yourself to

every genre old and new even if you don’t think it’s for you….you will always learn

something new if you keep exploring!

AP: Don’t be afraid to suck. Mess up. Sound shitty for a while. Be the worst

musician in your band. All of that will allow you to learn from those around you

and will make you a better musician. Always surround yourself with musicians

who are better than you. Always.

80’s or 90’s???

Both: 90s!!!

Plans for 2015

JP: Our plans for 2015…..To keep getting our names out there. Hopefully do

some shows in New England this summer and maybe a mini acoustic tour up the

California coast in August. And to continue writing, now that album one is done

we gotta think about album two!

a few tunes…

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