Late Slip featuring Nick Waterhouse – Strike/Reelin REVIEW

Without getting into the history of vinyl records, it’s safe to say the 45 has always been about bangers. For a short time, it may have been kinda fashionable to diss the format when comparing it to LPs, but that doesn’t mean singles were strictly for kids. With today’s indie scene, the 45 is more often than not the perfect way to introduce an artist to both fans and collectors. More importantly, it’s all about those aforementioned bangers! Such as the case with Strike/Reelin from Late Slip on Soul Step Records!

As the vehicle for singer-songwriter Chelsea Nenni, Late Slip is an exercise in sugary hooks, country self-awareness, and hints of punk attitude. Her debut EP in 2016 Other Men set into motion a style and vibe reminiscent of Wanda Jackson meets Sleater-Kinney. The most striking element of Other Men was how Nenni handled themes of heartbreak and loss without being mopey or depressing. For her follow-up EP, Nenni teams up with modern-R&B legend Nick Waterhouse to expand upon that foundation.

On the playful yet sultry “Strike”, Nenni makes great work of Waterhouse’s background in both soul and garage rock in a smokey and steamy duet both charming and sexy. Side B’s “Reelin” backpedals on the sensuality for a stronger emphasis on good old fashion rock n’ roll! Both tracks are elevated by production from Lewis Pesacov. Guitars are fuzzy with a dose of thick reverb and there’s enough EQ humidity to fill up your favorite dive bar. Something Pesacov is known for by producing for the likes of Best Coast.

But what makes this 45 so satisfying is how it showcases the very best of all involved. There’s Waterhouse’s expertise, Pesacov’s uncanny production, and Chelsea Nenni at her absolute finest. These days there are plenty of artists out there putting out full-length albums. But just like the importance of 45s back in the day, this particular release lends itself to the lost art of quality over quantity. Everyone involved in this release has a respectable amount of material, but there’s nothing wrong with utilizing a couple of bangers to sum it all up! If you’re a fan of Angel Olsen, Best Coast, and maybe even Bright Eyes, Late Slip has got you covered!

Strike/Reelin is available now on limited edition vinyl from Soul Step Records

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