These days the person with the loudest voice is heard. Be it politics, industry, or society, or if what they’re saying is good or bad, we’re all gonna hear it. The same can be said for music. It’s no coincidence every song on mainstream radio leads up to a big moment where vocals take center stage, essentially yelling at the listener. While this works in most cases (and anyone with anything interesting to say should never do so quietly) spectacle can ruin an otherwise beautiful moment. Those moments are never lost on Adelia Boehne and her project known as Knotts.

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Self-described (and not wrong) as a combination of The Spice Girls, Bjork, and Gladys Knight, Boehne has been steadily building a name for herself in the great Cincinnati area for the past few years. Her brand of breezy indie pop is both sentimental and assertive in ways many artists take years to refine. The biggest takeaway is how she never showboats her vocals, writing, or performance for the sake of being heard. Each track tells a story with poise and confidence even if the song is about finding one’s place in the world.

Teaming up with Soul Step Records for their 5th installment of the Cincinnati Brewers Series, Knott’s is releasing the tracks “Until You” and “These Days” on 7″ vinyl. As with other installments of the series, Soul Step works with a local brewery (this installment belongs to 3 Points Urban Brewery ) crafting an exclusive beer for one night which features a performance by the band, the sale of the vinyl release in an exclusive variant as well as a commemorative glass. After the evening, the standard black edition of the 7″ goes on sale to the public. Showcasing the local breweries as well as indie talent is an amazing way to celebrate the ever-growing scene in Cincinnati. Soul Step once again proves they have a finger on the pulse of what’s good in their city.

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From the soulful feels of “Until You” to the lighthearted flirtation of “These Days”, Knotts is a pleasure to listen to and supporting her dream, the label’s mission statement, and Cincinnati’s scene is just the icing on an already delicious cake!

To purchase Until You/These Days head over to Soul Step Records.

For more information on Knotts, visit Knotts.space

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