King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Han-Tyumi & The Murder Of The Universe

I don’t even pretend to understand what’s going on with King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.

The Australian experimental acid psych rockers (whatever else you want to call them) formed in 2010 and released their 9th record –Flying Microtonal Banana back in February. They will also release two (or maybe four) more records this year.

They’re prolific, that’s for sure and to date have released an album that is a narrated American Western story, an album comprised of four 10-minute jazz fusion tracks, and an acoustic ‘concept-less’ concept record.

Han-Tyumi & The Murder of the Universe is from their 10th due out this June.

Trying to understand is futile. It doesn’t matter, because this is a mind-blowing experience – 13 minutes of awesome crazy garage-psych-hard rock-jamming. So sit back an enjoy the ride.

Stu Mackenzie – lead vocals, lead guitar, flute, sitar, keyboards, double bass, bass guitar, zurna
Ambrose Kenny Smith – harmonica, keyboards, synthesizer, backing and lead vocals, percussion
Joey Walker – lead guitar, setar, backing and lead vocals
Cook Craig – rhythm guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, backing and lead vocals
Lucas Skinner – bass guitar
Eric Moore – drums, percussion, theremin
Michael Cavanagh – drums, percussion

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