Kickoff Your Summer With The New Album “Venom Jackets” from…Rollersnakes



For anyone out there who isn’t quite sure what “Garagepunk” is , this is your answer. The music speaks for itself, loud , fast and out of control, imagine The Ventures or Jan and Dean as punks and your just about there. It’s fun and it kicks one hell of a beat throughout the Album. Here is a little more about this very cool band….from their Bandcamp page…

Two piece garage/surf/rocknroll/trash band with bang and fuzz galore, you’ll get weird and be wantin’ more!

Primitive Rock n’ Roll. No frills, no brain melting solos, no showing off. Just pure, simple, primal, rock n’ roll.

Like finding a gorgeous wood floor under the plush, stained, fading shag carpet. Throwin’ back to the forefathers and foremothers of 50s/60s rock.

this is for all you garagepunk kids, go out and see them, buy their records, we here at 50thirdand3rd are putting a big stamp of cool ass garagepunk approval on Rollersnakes….

Rollersnakes, Twitter

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