Kaleidoscopic, Psychedelic, Trippy, Hazy….Meet , The Vickers


This is for all those who long for the days when trippy, psychedelic , music ruled the airwaves. Very cool , the kind of tunes to get lost in on a cold winters night. How could you not love this, just sit back and let the music take over. All the way from Italy….Meet

Hi our name is The Vickers

And our sound might be best described as….
We are a psychedelic pop band, we are a modern band influenced by the
sounds and big tunes of the 60’s with a touch of 90’s spleen.

We are:
Andrea Mastropietro (Vocals & Guitar)
Francesco Marchi (Vocals & Guitar)
Federico Sereni (Vocals & Bass)
Marco Biagiotti (Drums & Backing Vocals)

We are originally from Florence, Italy

The first time we met was
when Federico and Francesco were schoolmates and Andrea met them six
years ago and we formed the band. Marco arrived later to complete the

We knew we were going to be a Band when
The passion for good music led us to play together. We felt like we
needed to create something, and we still feel that need. We formed
the band officially six years ago and started playing covers of The
Kinks, Syd Barrett, Neil Young and Blur, after three months we were
working on our own original stuff.

Before starting the band we were employed as students

The first song we wrote was
Well I think the first song we wrote was Silence, a ballad we recorded
for our first four track demo then it was released on our first LP.

It’s about……
It was about the hard moments we were living in that period, every
song you write is influenced by the feelings you live in a specific

What we are currently listening to:
We just finished a long European tour, when you’re touring around
countries you have many hours to listen to music. We recently listened
to Kurt Vile, his new album is great, The Brian Jonestown Massacre,
Adam Green, Temples, The Pharmacy, Go!Zilla, Tame Impala, Buffalo
Springfield and many more…

For fun we like to…..
For fun we like to stay with our friends having good time, these are
very strange and hard times, love your friends if you have. We like to
see the concerts in our town Florence, there are a lot of cool guys
there and we like to support the local scene!

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us……
Well this is a good question…we think we write and produce real and
sincere music, you can call it psychedelic pop or rock or alternative
but essentially is real music, we just want to give the people sincere
things that express our feelings, and we hope the people have a good
time with our songs, it’s rock and roll you know, no tricks,
everything is in the music and the words, that’s all.

13) Expect….. From us in 2014
We’ll release another single to promote the upcoming album “Ghosts”,
the LP will be out on march/april and it will involve a lot of cool
labels around the world Black Candy Records for Italy, Ruby Music for
Ireland, Crash Symbols for US (only cassette edition), Flake Records
for Japan and many other labels with we have to find a deal.

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