REVIEW: Justin Dean Thomas – “Anytime I’m Feelin”

When rock n roll started to break into the mainstream in the 1950s, middle class parents were in a panic. Not only was it alarming to have their kids listening to music originated by prominently black artists, but it was clearly more than a style of music. It felt dangerous in the way it capitalized on the rebellious nature of teenagers. Boys grew long hair, girls wore mini-skirts. Blouses were tight, bluejeans cuffed. Rock n Roll defied musical genres and became a movement that has yet to die. A movement Justin Dean Thomas knows all too well.

Thomas has made a name for himself in the New York City indie scene, as something of a  beat poet. Singing in seedy dives, coffee houses, and even the subway. Any place willing to listen, he has graced them with his passionate, retro flavored poetry. Be it spoken word, the band The Bowery Riots, or the swagger of his solo work, Thomas is an artist devoted to expressing the same rebellious spirit that took over the kids in rock n roll’s infancy.

Standing In The Door

Justin Dean Thomas

After years working on songs and recording demos, Thomas teamed up with Greenway Records to drop his first physical release, the double A sided Anytime I’m Feelin/Standing In The Door. After one listen, his music on vinyl just makes sense. “Anytime I’m Feelin” is a punk romp with equal parts angst and swagger featuring Andy Rourke of The Smiths on bass. On the flip side is the David Lynch meets James Dean “Standing In The Door”, an ominous ballad that proves Thomas can be delicate while maintaining the tension of the anti-establishment.

Charismatic, mysterious, and just outright cool, this release embodies everything that made the kids of yesteryear grow their hair out and hike up skirts at the same time putting their parents in panic mode. Just like the finest of rock n roll should. Anytime I’m Feelin/Standing In The Door is available through Greenway Records on two vinyl variants. One a slick minty green and the other is transparent splatter with a special alternative sleeve by Dan Curran.


To purchase Anytime I’m Feelin/Standing In The Door, please visit Greenway Records

For more info on Justin Dean Thomas, visit him on Facebook


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